‘Deconstruction’ CreateX QUT Creative Industries Precinct 2

Queensland Academies Creative Industries Music and Visual Arts students will feature on Sunday 28 August, 10am – 6pm as student artists in the QUT Creative Industries Precinct 2 Launch CreateX where creativity meets technology.

De(constuction) 2016The ‘Deconstruction‘ project under the guidance of QACI Music Teacher Matt Christensen and QACI Visual Arts & Design Technology Teacher Genevieve Staines involved Year 11 Visual Art and Music Students groups.  The students were given a Google Street View and GPS location from the QUT Creative Industries Precinct  from which they documented sound and visuals through sound recordings and photography.  Over the past few weeks the students have taken this media through processes of Modernist/Postmodernist, Abstraction, and Deconstruction to re-imagine their sites through digital imaging, soundscape production, video and textiles.

You can view the inspiring collaborative works created by these student at Studio 310, Level 3 Z9 Building QUT Creative Industries Precinct 2 from 10am.

An array of other events will feature at the CreateX Launch, Sunday 28 August.

During the day QUT’s Creative Industries Precinct will feature the latest immersive, interactive, 3-Dimensional experiences for all age groups between 10am – 3pm. During the day over 60 events, performances, demonstrations, workshops, talks and a variety of food will be on offer.  For an hour by hour look at what you may experience visit: http://www.createx.qut.edu.au/whats-on.

A full schedule of QACI @ CreateX can be viewed here

Visit the QACI CreateX website