Deconstructed fashion motivates student’s artistic identity

Deconstructed Fashion 2017During term 1 and term 2, the Year 11 Visual Arts cohort have embarked on a journey of turning abstraction and deconstruction into a fashion piece. The end result being that each student had to create their own individual fashion piece that was reflective of themselves as an artist.

The process began by taking abstract photographs of the area around us; this involved venturing out into Kelvin Grove Urban Village and capturing the forms and life around us. By pulling apart and rebuilding, recreating and deconstructing our images we found the stylistic elements and meaning our images could be used to portray. From the abstraction of the QUT campus to the deconstruction of photographs, the cohort had explored numerous new techniques and discovered a varied way of seeing the world around us. We deconstructed our abstract photography to transform it into wearable art.

IMG_0310Inspiration was drawn from a range of different sources and artistic movement to further enhance the creation of our own fashion piece: Rei Kawakubo; Alexandar McQueen; Vivienne Westwood; Jean-Paul Gaultier; and many other brilliant designers influenced our work. Investigative techniques such as draping, layering, fraying, stitching, stretching, the list could go on gave us an added dimension to further inspire our designs.

Although each piece and process was different, as a cohort, we had pieced together a magnificent creation. Presented with the trust of Visual Arts Educators, Mr O’Shanesy and Ms Stevens, we felt that our artistic identities started to shine through.

Our final outcomes were then exhibited via our Deconstruction Fashion Show as part of the Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus ‘Recall Ten.0, 10 year anniversary exhibition’ in Gallery 61. This has been an amazing experience and we are so thankful for all the effort, patience and cooperation displayed by everyone involved. As emerging artists we certainly look forward to what we can achieve in the future.


Article written by Grace Harmer, Keeley Mcfayden, Lena Melloy and Ruby Stephenson, Year 11 Visual Arts