CSIRO Virtual Classroom
National Science Week

As part of National Science Week (14 – 20 August) QACI joined over 300 Australian schools in welcoming Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) professionals into their classrooms – both virtually and physically – to promote the importance of STEM to Australia’s future.

The STEM in Schools event, run by CSIRO, forms part of National Science Week and saw QACI come alive with science as students participated in a virtual classroom discussion with scientists working in the international space industry.

Research indicates that 75 per cent of the fastest growing occupations now require STEM skills and knowledge. With participation and engagement of STEM subjects in Australia declining, it is now more important than ever to engage students about the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a collaborative environment which fosters the development of creative and critical thinking skills.

The STEM in Schools event also welcomed CSIRO STEM professional, Larissa Patricio Valerio of James Cook University Townsville, with expertise in Remote Sensing, Oceanography and Geoinformatics (GIS).

The CSIRO Virtual Classroom initiative was designed to inspire students about the possibilities of pursuing future STEM careers and to increase interest and engagement in STEM subjects, particularly in the Space Industry.