Creativity, Critical Reflection, Collaboration and Communication
All in a Dancer’s Day!

The IB Dance program at QACI is well underway and students actively embrace the opportunities to extend their praxis beyond technique and into the realm of the 4 C’s: creativity, critical reflection, collaboration, and communication.

Earlier this year our Year 11 emergent dance artists enjoyed the opportunity to learn a variety of Swing Dance styles such as the Charleston and Lindy Hop from Kameron Davis from Empire Swing. Swing Dance became a popular dance style in the 1920’s and came out of the African-American dance halls of Harlem, New York. Swing Dance embodies the free spirit and improvisational, individualistic nature of jazz music.

Lucy, Kameron, Jazzie and JDMore recently the combined Year 10 and 11 ensemble has been working with FuRY, a new Youth Dance project created by independent choreographer Melissa Lanham who is based on the Sunshine Coast. FuRY coincides with the national tour of Lanham’s dance theatre work Vincent a show about the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

The project provides an opportunity QACI dance students to choreograph with a professional choreographer and to perform a full-length dance work, collaborating with around 100 other dance students in Queensland. Our students have enjoyed the workshops with Melissa and look forward to the performance on Saturday 19th August.

FuRY 6