Composition Evening 2016

The second event in QACI’s Triptych event, on the 7th of October, was the Composition evening, where audiences were treated to a night of music composed and performed by the graduating cohort of year 12. With Ms Freeman hosting the night, she explained how she’s enjoyed seeing the year 12’s develop throughout the Music course, noting as well that many of the year 12 students had never composed before and it was a very exciting moment to have their music performed on the night.

The showcase itself was an insightful view into the wide range of repertoire our QACI music students have in musical genres. The night swept up its audience in a journey of diverse music ranging from xylophone ensembles, drums, singer/songwriter solos, string quartets, flute concertos, rap, ambiance, and orchestral pieces.

There were many highlights throughout the night. Many students performed or soloed in their own pieces, there was a recorded piece that where the audience was encouraged to close their eyes and listened as they listened to a hauntingly captivating ambient track made in Logic Pro, and in the finale we even had a student acting as conductor to his own piece!

Although I myself am not a QACI music student, I can tell my crotchets from my quavers from music classes in my pre-QACI days, and could very well appreciate the effort that went into these pieces and admire the complex task of creating all of those melodies and counter-melodies and a bunch of other stuff that I’m not knowledgeable enough to classify. However, what I can say with full confidence is that the night was very enjoyable one, and a notable example of how QACI facilitates the creation of music.

Wow what a fantastic night, so many excellent compositions and superb musicians. My soul just sang with Alex Korenevski’s Corridor Swing, tears came to my eyes with the beautiful Niao by Elle Noye and my heart swelled with pride as our Morgan Veal conducted his own Little Memories, Marching on. So many great pieces; Chris Head’s Snowflake and Natasha Rowe’s Vol de Cigales deserve a special mention too. Thanks to everyone who made it happen, the teachers, and alumni students and outside musicians who combined with QACI’s own made for a very special evening
Jez Veal, Year 12 Parent


...article written by Anna Madrigal, Year 10 Film & Theatre Student

Little Memories, Marching On…