CAS News and Opportunities
’65 Roses’ and ‘Concept to Cosplay’

CAS News

We have reached an exciting time in the IB journey for our Year 12 students as most of them approach the official end of CAS next week!

A completed CAS portfolio will be able to demonstrate:

  • all 7 Learning Outcomes were addressed at least once
  • a reasonable balance between Creativity, Activity & Service experiences
  • one completed CAS Project of at least 1 month duration
  • all supervisor reports are completed

With its focus on holistic development of the individual CAS provides a way for QACI students to choose how to enrich their lives by following their passions and engaging with our community and the world around them.


CAS Opportunities

For students in Year 11 here are two worthwhile activities available for them to join right now to engage with Creativity and Service:

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland’s inaugural 65 Roses Art Prize is an exciting opportunity for QACI artists looking to showcase and develop their talents by painting a single rose in a style that reflects their personality and can also be used as a symbol of inspiration and hope for those living with cystic fibrosis. The competition closes 7th September and more information can be found by downloading this pdf from the QACI website.


Concept to Cosplay logoConcept to Cosplay: QACI Alumna Iona Murray presents a series of workshops this term on Thursday afternoons to help students take their design from concept to cosplay costume. Iona will share skills she is learning though her Bachelor of Animation majoring in Art Direction and celebrate a love of pop culture in memory of her brother Ewan Murray. Students will help raise awareness and funds towards research for AHLE (Acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis) a disease caused by the body’s immune system attacking the central nervous system and causing the brain to swell. Sign up is via Managebac Groups.