Year 11 Leadership Camp


​Grade 11 Leadership camp was one to remember! Students who decided to campaign to be a student director for 2021, had the opportunity to attend the Leadership Camp towards the end of term 3. Students were allocated into random groups where they worked together to come up with a unique leadership-based activity and a 10-minute story telling session surrounding a topic that they were allocated. The amount of creativity and connectivity displayed by each and every group, blew my mind! I have never felt happier and more comfortable during a 'school camp'. Don't get me wrong, this opportunity is definitely not your average school camp- it's a QACI camp of course but it felt amazing! It is nearly impossible to fit all of the events from the camp in one article but here is a taste… 

As we travelled via public transport to reach North Stradbroke Island, the fun had already begun. We did hand wrestling on boats, played games on buses and chatted about everything under the sun on trains- staying Covid safe of course. When we arrived at the Manta Scuba Lodge, everyone was buzzing to see their rooms and explore the grounds. We dropped off our luggage (some carrying more than most- I'm looking at Iris and myself) and had the opportunity to eat some snacks and go for a walk. Wanting to do everything all at once, I grabbed some people (and some chips) and we went for walk to the beach which was located only a few metres up the road from the lodge. It was beautiful! The sand was soft and the ocean a crisp blue, we knew that this was going to be good. We climbed the sand dunes, did some silly dances and took some photos. A great start to our week adventure.

Separated into teams, we all had the opportunity to lead an activity and participate in a few too- we worked together to create towers made from dry pasta and marshmallows then designing obstacle courses with chalk, getting competitive with memory-based activities, each hour was something new and exciting. The storytelling sessions were also a blast. Everyone learnt so much about the Island as we sat and enjoyed a themed 10-minute session from each group about all things North Stradbroke- constellations, the wildlife and activities on the island. We took day trips to the beach, fought… I mean competed with the teachers to win ping pong battles (although I wasn't much of a competitor), ate some delicious ice cream, took tons of photos, explored nature walks and rock edges, did copious amounts of singing and dancing, we did so much! And after a busy day of exploring, being creative and getting sweaty from being overly competitive during activities with our teams, we came together in the home room to discuss with Mr Bryce, Trudie and the teachers what it means to be a leader, different kinds of leaders, leadership metaphors and listen to other's stories. Here is where the spirit of QACI truly grew, to be able to listen to other's stories was a one-time opportunity that I wouldn't trade for anything. I learnt so much about myself, my friends, new friends, teachers, what happened in past experiences and how to take these new skills into pre-existing leadership roles and future ones. There is a reason why the camp isn't called 'Student Director Camp', it is called Leadership Camp because we developed timeless skills that are helpful in life.

The camp was probably the highlight of my year. After the unpredictable waves of covid-19 cancelling events and preventing travel, it was so refreshing to spend time with people who I wouldn't usually see that often. We now carry with us Mr Bryce's leadership metaphors and an excitement to continue into 2021 with a newfound appreciation for school and friends.

Everyone has the opportunity to be a leader at QACI in their own way but I would definitely recommend this camp to everyone with an interest in improving their leadership skills.

Written by Morgan Lee, Year 11 

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Last reviewed 04 November 2020
Last updated 04 November 2020