Year 10 Visual Arts - Mark Making


​Year 10 Visual Art Student, Morgan Lee provides her reflection following a recent workshop session with Visual Artist Sophie Munns as Year 10 focus on the study and artistry of Mark Making.

This term in Visual Art Year 10 students are studying Mark Making. Mark making is a fairly subjective art form focusing on how we can make certain marks and then develop them by experimenting with different mark making tools; it is about creating and drawing intuitively. Experimenting with different mediums and mixed media is how we are able to achieve such a wide range of different pieces. In one of our workshops/lessons we used India and Toucan ink allowing us to explore and create our own works with this loose medium. By experimenting with different tools ranging from a wide variety of sticks to handmade paint-brushes we constructed, from natural materials, anything that we found interesting. Using that curiosity to form unique marks which would later develop into layered pieces.  

As a cohort we grabbed our inspiration for this unit from many places. Watching videos in class of artists such as Irene Chou and Liang Xiao Ping who create marks freely like a dance performance. Watching these artists pour their heart and soul into their passion touched everyone and it fuelled us to make a character that would represent an aspect of our own personality. Taking an excursion inside our own building to level 2 where Anita Hochman’s artwork was hanging in Gallery 61, we discovered her style, what creating means to her and how she creates certain marks. Listening to Hochman talk so passionately about art in general inspired as all, she delivered so much valuable advice. My favourite quote from her being “Value the things you do no matter how long it takes.

The Sophie Munn’s workshop was a Friday morning not to miss! Sophie Munn’s is a local artist who takes her artistic inspiration mostly from seed pods and seeds. She is a very experienced artist and has travelled to many places that hold a great significance to seeds like the Millennium Seed Bank in Kew Gardens, London, among many other places. She has talked to an extensive list of scientists, discussing the future of our planet, investigating seeds and keeping global awareness of where to find different seeds and why they look a certain way, she could fill multiple books full of her knowledge but instead expresses it through her unique mark making process. Munn’s also brought in a large array of different seed pods for us to observe and draw. We were very lucky to have this opportunity with such an experienced, friendly and generous soul like her. Mark making was a fantastic unit to start our journey at QACI, we learned basic skills, explored different mediums and learned so many valuable life-lessons from inspiring artists.

...article written by Morgan Lee, Year 10

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Last reviewed 21 March 2019
Last updated 21 March 2019