Wellbeing at QACI


Wellbeing at QACI

At QACI, our goal is to build a positive community and environment for the learning and wellbeing of our students. This year we are aiming to build on our Connect, Thrive and Strive program, our House and Community events, Enrichment, our Positive Education program and our Succeed program. These are all underpinned by the six elements of wellbeing taken from Positive Psychology known as PERMAH, supported by the VIA Character Strengths, our QACI Pillars and the IB Learner Profile.

At QACI we take a proactive approach to wellbeing and take a whole of school wrap-around approach whereby Year Level Coordinators, Heads of Department, Subject Teachers and Connect Coaches are all checking in and supporting our students on developing positive, balanced and healthy wellbeing habits along with time management and study skills. Carers can also help with this by checking in with your student about how they are using their QACI Planner to keep on top of their commitments, maintain self-care, and savour positive moments, with questions like:

  • How did you go with your 'to do list' today?
  • What went well for you this week – did you stick to your plan? What could you do differently next week?
  • What do you need to prioritise?
  • What little step can you take right now towards your goal?
  • What physical activities have you got planned?
  • What/who made you laugh this week? Why/How?

Knowing that people care and are interested in how they're going is a great motivator!​

House Events

This Semester we look forward to getting some sunshine and fresh air at our first House Event – AquaFest. Our swimming carnival like no other that builds a sense of team spirit and belonging through fun events like the Whale Whace Whelay! Soon the students will be designing and creating their Connect Identity Boards and their House Identity Boards. In Term 2, we have RunFest plus FunFest, our carnival to get more outdoor time (are you seeing a theme here?!?) to foster positive emotions, positive relationships and engagement with our students and staff. The QACI flock definitely displays a competitive House spirit in these events, while still staying true to our supportive and inclusive QACI culture with creativity and flair.

If you have any questions or would like further information on Wellbeing at QACI, please don't hesitate to contact me or our Year Level Coordinators. Nurturing our high achieving students is at the heart of all that we do and we look forward to partnering with you throughout the year to help our QACI flock achieve their goals.

Corinne Jennings

Head of Group 3 and Student Services

More information about our Wellbeing and Inclusion framework​ can be also be found in the front section of your student's QACI Planner.​

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Last reviewed 09 February 2022
Last updated 09 February 2022