Warm Fuzzies, Serenades, Face Painting and Musical Performances


​Wow what a Valentine's Day! It was a busy time on this day of love. Everyone was rushing about in the hallways trying to find their friend's lockers to deliver little notes of kindness, music students (Aarya, Toby, Pippa, Sachi, Gen, Sam and Sepi) were walking about with guitars, ukuleles and bells doing surprise serenades in classes of popular songs - and that was just throughout the day! 

Several CAS initiatives were also underway like Milla's CAS project where students could send a personalised or pre-written Valentine's Day note to a child with a life-threatening disease via the St Jude's Children's Research Hospital. A wonderful initiative that was definitely worth taking part in. Oscar and Jimmy also had a stall on level four where they sold Sweetheart bracelets for $5 and will donate the proceeds to the Heart Kids Foundation. So many amazing initiatives for both students and staff to take part in, spreading love, positivity and appreciation in the school and wider community. 

Everyone was given the chance to be festive. On level 4 at lunch time there was an open mic hosted by the charismatic Caleb. Some musicians took the stage to perform their favourite songs while others decided to give a shout out (or big up if you will), to recognise a fellow peer who did a good deed unasked but not unnoticed. Not only musicians shined however, I watched as the talented Mary did some delightful face-painting (the little frog with the top hat was definitely a fan favourite).

I would like to thank my fellow Student Directors and the amazing QACI staff for allowing this day to be possible and for assisting with the organisation. It was so easy, fun and swift to work with everyone to make this day special. Team work really does make the dream work. Although a little bit of QACI magic was lost as I didn't get to waltz into the doors at 8:20 to be surprised by paper bags filled with happy messages and lollies, corny memes, cute heart decorations and people in red lipstick walking about; thinking wow I didn't know this was going to happen! However, it was a wonderful experience to see everyone else's faces as they walked in and were given the opportunity to be grateful for the special people in their lives and feel appreciated themselves. Valentine's Day 2021 at QACI was a cheerful one and I hope the tradition continues as our cohort soon passes on. 

...article written by Morgan Lee, Year 12

(a.k.a - a member of the team who organised the day!)

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Last reviewed 15 February 2021
Last updated 15 February 2021