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Debunking Valentine's Day Stereotypes
Written by Suhani Sharma (Year 10)

The 14th of February. The day of doom. As soon as the school bell rings signalling the end of the weekday, I rush, I rush past people expressing their love with all their heart, I rush past bouquets of red roses and heart shaped chocolate boxes, I rush past laughter and squeals, boys on their knees, red lipsticks, pink tutus, heaps of hugs, and kisses. I rush. Wait. Hold up. Let's pace back to reality for a second. I mean, I am a film student and love to overly romanticize the little aspects of life, but come on, those things are so last year! Not sure what I mean? Well, let me ask you, don't all those actions just automatically form an image of an extremely stereotyped ideal Valentine's Day in your mind? Here is when QACI comes into the game. I mean, genuinely speaking, what even is Valentine's Day, if we forget about all the marketing that upcoming commercialized companies and businesses have undertaken and introduced to modern day society? What does this day genuinely mean to you as person? What does it symbolise? Is it possible that it is more than just the “teenage dream" and artificial flowers? Here is what QACI students have to say.

Valentine's Day, to me, means being with the people you love, whether it be romantically or platonically. It is a very momentous occasion, and it builds community within the school." -Helena, Year 10

QACI has created a really fun environment and I like that the school embraces it (Valentine's Day) and allows us to dress up and show our love for people in different ways." -Zoe, Year 12

To me, Valentine's Day simply just means doing good deeds and helping people." -Jinru, Year 10

The day dedicated to love – love for everything and everyone. QACI did not disappoint; from Warm and Fizzies' lined across lockers in the hallways, to live performances of love songs during breaks, students delivering candies and chocolates to classrooms and decorations hung in the cafeteria. During lunch, the Blue Goose Café even served delicious, themed desserts and an assortment of festive foods, such as, flavoured milkshakes, cupcakes, donuts, chocolate, and so much more! The urge of joy and adrenaline my friends and I received when we opened each other's gifts cannot be explained in words! It truly was the best way to bond, especially as a new student, starting a new school. Most of us also received little notes and treats from our Connect Mentors, helping us feel so much more included, welcomed, and valued by our seniors.

QACI promoted the message of love for everyone – and most importantly love for yourself! Self-love can mean different things for different people. It can be acceptance of all, acknowledging your own insecurities and providing yourself positive reinforcements, it can be respecting yourself and others, and it can even just simply be being kind to yourself and giving yourself a break when you need it. Valentine's Day can feel like a negative date for those not in a relationship, or for those still finding their tribe, but it's truly all about our perceptions!

As Buddha once said,

Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds."

So perhaps what I am saying is that it's time to think about being kind to yourself and consider implementing the actions of one day 'Valentine's Day', every single day! Be kind to others, smile at a stranger while you're walking to school, hold the elevator open a few seconds longer or helping your neighbours bring in the groceries. I know these may sound cliché and they probably won't change your life drastically, but sometimes it is these small gestures that could make a huge impact. So, this 2022, let's learn from QACI's celebration of love - and be kind! It's pretty simple, honestly. What do you think?​​

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Last reviewed 24 February 2022
Last updated 24 February 2022