The Importance of Determination and Patience


QUT Intern, Etta Jones had the opportunity to speak with our Year 12 music students as they prepared their final composition pieces for assessment under the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme...

For the past two years, QACI music students have developed their critical understanding of composition by building upon prior knowledge in order to explore and implement new techniques that create interest. For student’s Colin Kwon and Maja Eather the ability to incorporate skills used throughout the theory and performance aspects of music was developed to help actualise their unique ideas and create personally rewarding pieces. By broadening their understanding of the limitless abilities and communicative nature of music, the capability for these students to express specific feelings and concepts through their compositions was achieved.  

For one student’s composition piece, a music concrete style was explored where every day sounds were recorded and heavily distorted to push beyond the constructs of what music can be. By capturing an abundance of sounds such as footsteps, running water and elevator noises and altering their frequencies, pitch and reverb, the student followed a personalised creative process to control the outcome of the project. Though trained as a classical musician, the creative freedom given to this student throughout the music program at QACI allowed them to understand the potential for anything to become art.

For his composition, Colin Kwon formed an experimental electronic piece that used psychedelic elements and synthesizers to incite feelings of being underwater and create an out of body experience for the listener. Throughout his time at QACI, Colin’s abilities in composition were used in collaborative student films and art shows where sound design was key towards conveying a story or emotion. Through an understanding of the power that music has to complement visual storylines and transport listeners, Colin was able to refine and develop his composition skills to deepen musical connections with listeners.

For Maja Eather’s composition, a more experimental process was used to form ideas that were free-flowing and avoided using unnecessary elements. Through an understanding that set ideas in music don’t always work, Maja preferred the abstract and unconventional nature of music and wanted to reflect this throughout her composition. Throughout the process of creating her ragtime, string trio and piano quartet, and music concrete pieces, Maja’s ability to edit and create her music in a relaxed setting was reflected the music, where she was able to musically narrate the flow and storyline of the pieces.

In QACI’s music program, the importance of determination and patience is key when ensuring a high-quality composition. The teaching staff’s influence and support towards student progression allows for a broader understanding and practice of skills that can be used to communicate ideas in music.  Ultimately, the composition side of music allows individuals who aren’t afraid to experiment with different techniques to set themselves goals that can be constantly developed and refined.

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Last reviewed 19 August 2020
Last updated 19 August 2020