Stunning Visual Aesthetics and Entertaining Acting


​​​​​I was extremely grateful to have been able to listen in to the first read through of the script back at the onset of term 2, and even then, the great humour and dynamic energy from the Year 12 theatre cohort was prevalent. And such a journey it has been for them since then. Only this crew of merrymakers could have produced the incredible piece of theatre the QACI community was able to watch in late term 2.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Brad Jennings and Year 12 theatre student Anna Ryley, was a fantastically feverish vision with a timeless, location-less set. The stage design allowed for fluid and creative use of the stage for the actors appearing and climbing on it in many ways as the show travelled on. It transported an audience into a pipe dream with resonating lighting of a mysterious sort of lament. 

The soundtrack tastefully used music from Rüfüs Du Sol and Flume to create a muffled underground rave sort of atmosphere, it was a strong experience sonically. This paired with the costume design and makeup done by Luna Verzar, Year 12 student, masterfully created the actors to become these mystical apparitions in a spacey world. Oberon’s makeup and Titania’s dress were definitely standouts as they became these deities that hovered and observed the world, they rule over closely.  

The show sits in your mind well after you watch it, and this is because of the scenic design that created this ignis fatuus atmosphere, and Puck appearing as this cheeky phantasm throughout the set supported this vision. Physical theatre in this production was at its most strong as the actor employed many physicalities to convey the dynamic energy and shapeshifting tendencies of the fairy.

As well as stunning visual aesthetics, the acting did not fail to entertain the audience. The love square was hilariously conducted by the actors of Helena, Hermia, Demetrius, and Lysander for a comedic trip that made fun of both genders, for their jealousy, wrath, and the irrational lengths of their love. The Mechanicals lead by Nick Bottom was also how the talented theatre cohort was able to play with the individual hilarity in each character... It was blocked very complexly, and this ensured the audience was constantly occupied and entertained by each funny character. This humour worked excellently with grand lighting to create a well-rounded piece of theatre that the cohort should be very proud of. Thank you to the consistently fabulous actors, the industrious Anna, and the perpetually hardworking creative Mr Jennings for putting on a show that closed the semester with a bang.

Article written by Pemay Johnsen – Year 11.​

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Last reviewed 24 June 2022
Last updated 24 June 2022