Study Abroad - A Reflection by 2018 Graduate Arabella Morton


We were delighted to hear from 2018 alumna, Arabella Morton, and her recent offer from Chichester University, UK, to study as an international student.  In her reflection below, Arabella explains the process she undertook to research and choose universities that complemented her learning experience at QACI. Arabella shares some useful guidance to QACI students who may be thinking about spreading their wings beyond Australian shores to study abroad.

Find your University

Through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) I chose four universities and looked extensively into their requirements, such as pre-requisite IB scores and studies. UCAS was helpful with information and helped me to set realistic goals to achieve towards successful admission.

Write your Personal Statement

Unlike some of the Australian universities, those in England require you to write a personal statement that reflects upon who you are and what your interests are. This allows the universities to gain an understanding of you and why you want to study with them. I reached out to a range of different teachers at QACI to help me build my personal statement - shout out to Ms Osborne for being so helpful and supportive!

Wait the Time

The next step is really just waiting for your IB results. Personally, I could not really go forward without a score so for the entire Christmas holidays I was working three or four jobs in anticipation for my expensive move to England later in the year. When my results did finally come out, I was immediately on to UCAS entering my scores and contacting Mrs Casey about writing another reference for my universities. Similar to the personal statement, the reference just highlights who I am and what I was like as a student from the school's perspective. Thank you Mrs Casey for your support and encouragement!

Check your Emails

From there, your universities will contact you individually with their details and application requirements, such as auditions etc. I was interested in studying acting; therefore, all of the universities required me to audition. Back and forth via email I completed the requirements of each university.

Wait the Time … again

After much waiting to hear feedback; eventually each university contacted me and I was thrilled to receive offers from all four (pinch myself moment!)

Make your Decision

I followed my instinct and accepted the offer from the University of Chichester in the UK. From the beginning, I knew I wanted to study Acting for Film and Chichester appealed to me based on its seamless merging of academic and creative study opportunities. Chichester rates very well on student opinion surveys and its 180-year history as a provider of higher education is impressive too! 

The English tertiary application system can be a little confusing for an international student, however I am so incredibly excited for my move and super grateful for the QACI community for helping me out from the very beginning. 

Best wishes to all the 2019 Year 12 students – make the most of your final year and do the groundwork when choosing your tertiary pathway!

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Last reviewed 12 March 2019
Last updated 12 March 2019