QACI Harmony Week Experience


Last week at QACI we celebrated Harmony week. Harmony week was meant to celebrate all of our cultures and differences through our united mateship. We put stickers to show our spirit, we made buttons and ribbons, we made a fingerprint tree, and at the end of the week people put on a showcase - let it be music, dances, skits, etc... to show our international cultural diversity and inclusivity. On the surface I was starting question: why the does passing out little orange ribbons and stickers to put on your water bottle raise our culture diversity?

But I guess it's through these things that were able to celebrate each other, so when we see a little sticker or button, we get a little reminder that this is the school, and the world, where we live. Where we can all be together in one place, and not be divided by cultures but be connected by just how different we each are. And that's thing, through our inclusivity, our kindness, our 'mate ship', our creativity, we unite in a way that goes beyond where we are from.

We create a space that lets us share our stories, and our lives together, as we join as a future population of people who can eventually change the world. But, if we hadn't gone to QACI, and there hadn't been an eager year 11 with a huge smile on her face giving you a little button that says: "Harmony Week", maybe we wouldn't be where we are, on the road to where we're going to be.

Q&A with Modesty Chang:

Where are you from?

I was born in China, in a city called Dalian. I like to call China my origin, and Australia the starting place of my new life.

What was it like transitioning from somewhere like home to Australia?

Before I actually landed in Australia, Australia in my view was just a map and postcards instead of a real-life society. The first time I saw Australia was on an airplane over the Pacific it was quite magical to me, because I knew that Australia would be my new beginning of life. At the start I did struggle to get used to all the labels and texts around me in English. Luckily, I transferred to Australia with my parents and my brother so I still felt a sense of home from them.

What does Harmony week mean to you, what does it give you the opportunity to say?

It is an opportunity for all Australians and people who live in Australia to confidently recognize our culture and our identities, and realize that no matter where we are from, we all belong to our community here.

What relationship do you have with the music and dance you are performing?

The first time I watched a Black Mamba performance was late last year. I chose this song because it had such a excellent choreography design. Also, this song was about wanting to connect with the other self in another dimension. Which in my case, represents my wish to discover my true identity and capability, as a Chinese, as a learner, and as a member of society.

How does it feel performing?

It raises my confidence from the applause and cheering from the audience while presenting to the audience that we are willing to appreciate other cultures.

...article written by Annabelle Huber-Edwards, Year 10

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Last reviewed 25 March 2021
Last updated 25 March 2021