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Earlier this term (last week), QACI hosted the iHuman showcase, one of the first major events for Year 10 film students. In term 2, students worked individually on their own films of self-expression as part of their assessment, applying their various knowledge of techniques acquired earlier in the year. The films were constructed through the filmmakers' own spontaneous ideas and unique style of craft while being in an inspirational environment, that challenged them thoroughly. This project gave all students a chance to explore how they see themselves, discover what elements in their life shape who they are, and learn to express it through an art form focussed on storytelling, in a meaningful and creative way.

The process was made up of 3 stages – pre-production, production, and post-production. In the first stage, different ideas and concepts students wanted to present were brainstormed, put together and planned carefully for the next stage; where these ideas come to life through visualisation leading onto the final stage; where the footage is put together to form a film that was then presented at the showcase. The students had the opportunity to explore and experiment with different techniques such as image layering, composition techniques, colouring, sound mixing and screen manipulation to create their unique films.

The representation of self through this art form is not easy – to watch the dramatic impulse of another person's life unfold on the big screen is one thing… to create one is another. Filmmaking is a difficult concept that can't be fulfilled half-heartedly: it is ambitious, and requires dedication, passion, and persistence, and I'm so proud to say that every one of the students who took part have fulfilled this while supporting one another to reach each of their own potentials :)

On Thursday night as the audience started to enter the theatre, the atmosphere was filled with excitement and enthusiasm, and it only escalated as the films came alive on the big screen. Everyone continued to cheer in support of all the films that were presented. Through this special opportunity, the outstanding accomplishment of the Year 10 film students was celebrated with family and friends. Being gratified by how far each of us have come individually and together as a team is an understatement. Thank you to our amazing teachers for their guidance and support on this project, and I'm looking forward to where the next few years will take us as QACI students and filmmakers!​​

Article written by Kelsey Kim, Year 10

Please note: If you missed the screening, QACI students can head over to Student Services on the Sharepoint / Intranet site and view some of their QACI peer's video efforts!  We think it's definitely worth the watch!


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Last reviewed 05 August 2021
Last updated 05 August 2021