Ponytail Project and Shave for a Cure


With a few snaps of the scissors and flicks of the shaver, Bella, Jayme, and Celine donated 20cm of their hair, and Linh, Caton, and Grace shaved their entire heads – an incredible act to raise awareness about cancer as part of the combined Shave for a Cure and the Ponytail Project - with Minnie and Maxie providing assistance to advocate and manage these projects. Alongside hair donations, the group managed to raise a total of $306 for Ponytail Project, and $1320 for Shave for a Cure donations.

Katrina Dang, Year 11 spoke with the participates of this CAS initiative and here is what they had to say.

Cancer is a huge issue that many of us may already have suffered through for a loved one. It's so important that people receive the support they need, and after such a tough ordeal some people may come out without any hair.​

Actually finding a hairdresser was difficult for this project as the original hairdresser was impacted by the recent Brisbane floods and with an already reduce number of staff working due to COVID this was a diffcult part of the project. We are all so grateful for the assistance offered by Nicole at La La Hair Studio Camp Hill." - Jayme Obbard Hewitt, Year 12, Ponytail Project

We seek to help those who are affected by cancer and help them the best we can, whether that is through raising awareness, funding for money, or simply by donating hair to make a wig for those who need them the most. I believe this is important because during this period where life has been made hard, it is important to support one another and one way I can help is by donating what I have and influence those around me to do the same also." - Bella Chen, Year 12, Ponytail Project

I hope that through this project, someone who wants plentiful hair that puffs up at every chance, can share the joy of my everyday hair.

I find it challenging that I will lose something that has taken a while to grow, and that I put a lot of pride into. It is ironic, because I have just started to take better care of my hair and I have bought some hair products,  so I hope to see I can still wear them in shorter hair. Hopefully not in vain." - Celine Gernert, Year 11, Ponytail Project

I want to “heal my inner child" because of a mental illness that I have had since 9 years of age - trichotillomania - a condition where the patient impulsively pulls off their body hair. In my case, I constantly pulled the hair on my head off – In year 7, I shaved my hair twice, but this was my mum's decision as I wasn't fully aware of my condition until later. I participated in this project to donate my hair to someone in need, to assist with understanding my condition whilst at the same time spreading awareness and simultaneously normalising women who rock bald! Women should be proud of themselves no matter what hairstyle they chose to have." - Linh Tran, Year 11, Shave for a Cure

I chose to take part in the World's Greatest Shave in memory of my beautiful friend Amy Pointing. She was a beautiful, bright, funny and kind spirit who we love and miss very very much. I hope to raise as much money for the Leukaemia Foundation as we possibly can. Amy and her family were supported by the Leukaemia Foundation and other great organisations throughout her journey and I've seen the great work they do." - Grace Beauchamp, Year 11, Shave for A Cure

I have always liked helping people and having always wanted to raise money for people who really need it. I wanted to be able to support and help people with cancer, my goal is $500 and I hope to achieve that, by raising this money. I hope it is supporting people with cancer and helping fund the research to finally end cancer" - Caton List, Year 11, Shave for A Cure​

..article written by Katrina Dang, Year 11

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Last reviewed 15 March 2022
Last updated 15 March 2022