National CSIRO Stem in Schools

​Caitlin Baptist, Year 10 provides her reflection following the National CSIRO STEM in Schools event that took place at QACI in preparation for National Science Week.

On the 10 of August, a selected group of Year 10 Science students was fortunate enough to listen to a talk by Mr Ross Dungavell, Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager of the Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). He gave the Year 10s an insightful talk, telling us stories about his adventures in the Amazon and how he came to be where he is today.

Beside telling the Year 10s more about his career in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) industry, Mr Dungavell also gave useful tips and advice on the subjects he chose in high school and how that influenced his career path. An important decision that will be upon the Year 10s within a short matter of time.

In my job, you will not be doing the same tasks for the next 40 years,” he said. His job constantly changes and because of that, he also constantly learns and discovers new pieces of information.

After the talk, Mr Dungavell introduced his 2 mechanical friends to the Year 10s. One of them was able to map out the QACI library within 2 minutes by using lasers. We also had the chance to meet the very cute Gizmo! A mechanical robot that was designed to walk across a variety of terrains. Gizmo is also able to climb up walls and travel to locations that humans can’t or don’t want to travel to, making him a very useful tool for their company. Besides its official uses, Gizmo can also dance! The library was filled with laughter as we watched Gizmo show off some charming dance moves! What joy!

To end the program, Senator for Queensland, Liberal Party of Australia Amanda Stoker led the final address. Describing her pathway into law and becoming a senator. “You can never run away from science,” she said. "Science is everywhere, and you will have to deal with it in one way or another, EVEN if you don’t want to."

She encouraged the Year 10s to consider making science as their future career, as the science industry in today’s society and in the future will require not only the theories but also a creative solution to the problems too! Scientists need to be creative, more than ever. Therefore, the students of QACI will be greatly suited to the job.

We thank the science faculty for organising the program for us!  

...article written by Caitlin Baptist, Year 10

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Last reviewed 16 November 2018
Last updated 16 November 2018