Muse Theatre Festival, Year 12 Final Theatre Performances


​Muse is the final Year 12 theatre festival, showcasing the combination of all the skills they've developed over the past 3 years at QACI. The performances that we featured in this year's Muse Theatre Festival included Dust, Goldfish, Lost in Translation, What in the World Are You Thinking and White Picket Fence.

These shows were all original works, designed and created in small theatre ensemble groups from the Year 12 theatre students. The students worked to design their own lights, script, set and sound. The end result of all this preparation was performing it to a live audience over the course of 3 days as an inhouse theatre festival.

Josephine, Keeley, Levi and Ella provide an insight to their experience after Muse.

What was your favourite part about Muse?

Josephine: That's really hard because it was so much fun, but it was also really stressful. I think that my favourite part was opening night because we got to celebrate the beginning of something but also the end of something. It was the beginning of the festival but also the end of our theatre journey in QACI. We had a little ceremony with lots of fun little activities and a little video showing our journey over the past 3 years.

What's one thing you would take away from this experience after leaving QACI?

Levi: You gather so many skills throughout the experience and you kinda put it all into one.

Keeley: Yeah! You don't even realize that you're learning until you create a show thinking, "Wow, I didn't know I could do this."

Josephine: We're one of the only schools in Queensland that have the opportunity to devise an entire show by ourselves and this provides us with that "one-up" when going into university.

Ella: Furthermore, we have industry standard facilities that we get to use and that's a really big part of it.

Keeley: I didn't fully realise how incredible our experience was until Muse was over. We got to create an entire show together and put it on in an amazing theatre. And have all these people come and witness it. And that was our work. I really don't think I fully appreciated it until it was over. I think we were all so caught up in doing it that we never took a step-back and think "Wow". So now realising that everything we learned and did was really incredible.

What will miss most about performing in QACI?

Keeley: The energy beforehand when you're getting ready for a show. Everyone is hyping up backstage and you have the most amazing feeling, especially during your last night when you know that it's your last theatre performance. Also, when you see all your friends turn up like your little fangirls! It's really exciting! Just to know that everything that you have worked for has really paid off.

Josephine: Definitely working with the Year 12 ensembles. It's rare to have an ensemble who gives their 100% in all their work. This year, no matter who it was, everyone is doing their best and putting their 100% and caring about the work we create. After we leave school it is going to be hard to establish new connections with a new ensemble because we are so used to working with each other. I'm going to miss that. I'm going to miss the relationships.

...article written by Caitlin Baptist, Year 11

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Last reviewed 13 June 2019
Last updated 13 June 2019