Leadership Camp at North Stradbroke


On Tuesday 7th October, the future leaders of the Year 11 cohort left QACI for North Stradbroke Island, to spend 4 days investing in reflection and connection. The camp was a valuable opportunity to grow as a community and learn about how trust builds effective teamwork and communication.

After leaving QACI, our group took a bus, a train, a bus, a boat, and yet another bus, before arriving on Minjerribah, or North Stradbroke Island, where we prepared for the week ahead. Over the course of the camp, each group ran an activity collaboratively designed to highlight necessary qualities of leadership. Each group showed creativity and innovation in developing and running the activities, which included solving a human knot problem, catching a murderer in an interactive game of photographic Cluedo, and working as a team to complete a jigsaw treasure hunt. We also shared knowledge about Minjerribah's cultural heritage and learnt about the Quandamooka people and their connection with country, the stars and their totem animal, whales.

Some of the highlights of the week for the cohort were the trip to Cylinder Beach, and the walk around Point Lookout, where we swam, and relaxed as we spotted turtles, whales and even the occasional manta ray. It was wonderful to appreciate the wildlife on our doorstep and reflect on our gratitude for country, whilst connecting with others and sharing ideas surrounding leadership. Another great moment from the camp was the Staff vs. Student Ping Pong tournament, where Mr Bryce proved to be a formidable force! The trip was also made up of more contemplative times, as we spent time in conversation about leadership, reflecting on everything we had learnt, and its application once we returned to QACI.

Over the camp, we learnt about the necessity of reflection in observing, improving, and understanding who you are as a leader. One thing that stuck with me was that an effective team is built from different perspectives, mental models, and experiences, and a common shared connection of trust. A leader understands that a complementary group will be able to creatively problem solve through using individual strengths to round out areas to improve and utilises everyone's skills to create change that aligns with the community's values. 

I know that our cohort is incredibly grateful to have had such an amazing opportunity to build our teamwork and communication skills, and we are all looking forward to applying our new skills to leadership at QACI, as we enter Year 12 next year. Thanks to Mrs Bailey, Mr Bryce and the staff who joined us on camp, for investing in us over the week and organising such an incredible week!

 article written by Anna Ryley - Year 11

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Last reviewed 15 September 2021
Last updated 15 September 2021