Introducing the Year Level Coordinator - Year 12



Welcome back to our QACI community, Year 12 Students and families. I hope sincerely, despite the unconventional start to 2022, that this message finds you all safe and well and looking forward to our final year of the IB. Though 2022 marks the final formal year of education at QACI form many of our young people and families, we are forever a part of the QACI family.

It is a privilege to be Year 12 Coordinator and continue sharing the learning journey of the 2022 cohort. Our cohort is one that has shown incredible fortitude and resilience over the past two years and it is these qualities, as well as our connections and relationships, that I am confident will carry us through 2022 and help us find peace while facing whatever challenges lie ahead.

We know year 12 is significant milestone for our cohort. Academically, there is substantial growth that we will experience as we progress through our studies, completing assessments and mock exams on the way to final IB exams in term 4. This growth is simultaneously challenging and exciting and it is not uncommon to encounter some restlessness or doubt during the learning journey. Part of my role is to support our cohort, particularly in terms of wellbeing, helping them persist and appreciate the rigour of the IB Diploma, embrace the learning and growth fostered through their coursework and Inner Core (TOK, EE, CAS), and maintain positivity about their overall experience. QACI's Connect program includes value networks of support for students, and includes strategies for preparedness and proactive organisation, time management and wellbeing.

There are many significant events and milestones that we will reach and celebrate as a community throughout the year: Senior Investiture, our final 'fests' (of the water, land, and talent varieties), Senior Formal, Aspire awards, and graduation, to list a few. I encourage our cohort to embrace and make the most of these events and experiences. The memories made at these celebrations can be reflected upon fondly in the future, and become a rich source of comfort and gratitude when looking back upon the QACI experience; they remind us that an important part of education is connecting, growing as individuals and becoming engaged, empathetic, and creative members of communities.

With this in mind, my role is to support our Year 12 cohort wherever needed and this will include communicating between our young people, staff at QACI, and home, working in partnership with you to emphasise what is going well and checking in providing support with respect to their academic and personal progress. Our young people are always welcome to reach out for support and guidance and I'm always happy to hear from you as well. Please feel free to get in touch via email or phone. 

QACI culture is a culture like no other. It is unique, embracing, accepting. It is passionate and it is precious. As students and staff and members of the QACI story, we are all guardians of this culture, but in year 12, our cohort community has a special place, being principled in leading by example as we embrace opportunities, accept challenges, and fly in V formation. I am looking forward to continuing the journey with each and every member of our cohort community in 2022, doing what I can to help them flourish while cherishing our culture, showing passion and pride for our school, and thought and care towards themselves, and each other.

Kind regards,

Simon Rogers

Year 12 Coordinator

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Last reviewed 10 February 2022
Last updated 10 February 2022