Introducing the Year Level Coordinator - Year 11


​Dear Year 11 Parents/Carers,


We made it! The first leg of our 3-year journey – done. Tick.

For those who have not met me, my name is Jade, and I am the Year 11 Coordinator that will be your 'Rafiki' through this IB expedition. I am here for all your IB related concerns and queries.

Throw-back to 2021. What a year to be alive! Not only were our young geese navigating and establishing their bearings in a new home and role within our pack, but they were also pushed into isolation amidst the fear of the unknown. Enter home schooling, online learning, and “Hey guys, can you hear me?" … And just when you thought that we were done, another variant. If nothing else, our flocked has proven resilient to turbulent times, and our students have learnt to be ready for any obstacles 2022 might throw our way. 

While we had an unusual start to the school year, it is great to see the enthusiasm and eagerness to learn face-to-face in the classroom this week. The QACI Culture is back in full force.

Year 11 is the official kick-off of the IB Diploma Programme with the commencement of Inner Core: CAS, TOK and EE. CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) forms an integral component to the life of an IB student. CAS enables our students to grow as unique individuals and is integral to the IB Diploma Programme to create balance within the academic rigour of the program. During the next 2 years we will encourage our flock to engage in experiential learning through community service, sport, personal growth and development activities. Hence don't be concerned when your little geese are suddenly interested in physical exercise, knitting, gardening or helping those less fortunate than themselves. That's the true CAS way.

Another acronym that is synonymous with an IB learner is TOK. TOK (Theory of Knowledge). For some reason scares a lot of our students – however in essence, TOK asks us to consider our experiences and question, “How is it that I have come to know this?" So, the next time you are looking for a family game, ask your little geese to get out one of the 35 TOK prompts and start a debate around the dinner table. You're welcome!

A little way off, in second semester, students will also commence their EE (Extended Essay). This in-depth critical research piece is on a topic of their choosing and assistance is provided under the guidance of a supervising teacher at QACI. This leads to a major piece of formally presented, structured writing, preparing them well for future University studies, if this is your child's chosen path.

Apart from the academic activities, we will continue to engage in numerous House Events and QACIFests, and of course the much-anticipated Year 11 Semi-formal and the planning of our Year 12 jerseys. Fun!

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all this information, so are the students! Never fear, when QACI is near. To help the flock maintain course, and to ensure that our wellbeing is never neglected, QACI's Strive program that runs during Connect, will assist our geese to keep all their assessment deadlines, timetabling and to-do-lists in order.

The important thing to remember is that we are all in this together, one flock, flying in V-formation. As your 'Rafiki', my role is to support both you and your geese whereever possible. As the students know, I am available via email or phone, hence please do not hesitate to contact me.

If you cannot already tell, I am excited for the year ahead, and look forward to our adventure together.

Warm regards

Jade Joubert

Year 11 Co-ordinator

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Last reviewed 11 February 2022
Last updated 11 February 2022