Introducing the Year Level Coordinator - Year 10


Year 10 Parents / Carers,

I would like to welcome you to our QACI community and into the QACI flock. It is a pleasure and privilege to introduce myself as the Year 10 Coordinator for 2022, and I am so excited to work with the wonderful 2024 cohort as they embark on their QACI journey.

While we had an unconventional start to the year, I know that the students are coming to QACI with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the year ahead. Part of my role this year is to ensure that the students feel supported, both in their academic endeavours and in relation to their well-being, as they transition into a new school. I also encourage the students to embrace opportunities for learning and growth, fostered through their work in the classrooms, as well as in Enrichment and the IB Learner Program (IBL).

This year the students can expect a step – both simultaneously exciting, and challenging – into the preparation (pre-IB) for their IB diploma. By coming to QACI, students are welcomed into an inclusive community of like-minded individuals, where our school culture thrives around accepting challenges, embracing opportunities and flying in 'V' formation.  This year, the students will experience a taste of the rigour of the IB curriculum, and there may be some doubt or struggles throughout the year. I encourage students to seek the support and resources available to them, including their Connect Mentors, Connect Coaches, Teachers, Guidance Officers, their Year Level Deputy, Lauren Smith, as well as myself.

To support the students in Flourish this year, I encourage students to be proactive in their organisation for this year. The Strive program at QACI will play a key role in preparation, organisation, time management and well-being. In week 3, students will receive their QACI Planner, which will be a great resource for managing time, as well as journaling and reflection. This will also provide a space for students to plan their study in the Assessment Planner, and I encourage you to check-in with your student about these to gain some insight into what they are doing and how they are progressing.

There are a number of celebratory and year level events for the Year 10 cohort, including Year 10 Camp, Aquafest and Showcase Evenings. I encourage the students to make the most of these events, to support each other and cherish the time they are spending at QACI. These events foster the QACI community, where the students can connect, grow and embrace new opportunities.

In summary, my role is to support our Year 10 cohort, whenever needed. This will include communicating between our young people, staff at QACI and home. The students are always welcome to reach out for support and guidance, and I also welcome you to get in touch via email or phone.

I look forward to working with the 2024 cohort, to support them to be the best they can be as lifelong learners.

Kind regards,

Maiko Sharp
Year Level Coordinator - Year 10

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Last reviewed 07 December 2022
Last updated 07 December 2022