Forming Great Connections within the Community


​On the Friday of Week 8, the Year 12 cohort were fortunate enough to spend a day learning more about leadership as seniors and forming greater connections within the community. This day was so valuable for the opportunities provided for reflection, as well as for the memories made as a group that will define our interactions for the rest of our time at QACI.​

The day started with introductions, and a bootcamp session, where we learnt about the importance of bringing your own qualities to leadership; through leading different activities within the bootcamp, we were reminded of how support, confidence and energy can be fostered and utilised by everyone to engage and equip others within a team. Taking part in the bootcamp itself was initially daunting, but as a cohort, we were able to work together and encourage others to step forward as leaders to collectively achieve. This activity really pushed us out of our comfort zone, and emulated how anyone can be a leader where they are, which is a particularly timely reminder at the start of Year 12.  

Similarly useful was another highlight of the day, where we shared our strategies for reflecting, resting and resetting, when things get hectic. This moment felt especially powerful, as we were able to hear so many different perspectives and insights, to the point where we went into lunch as so many were eager to share their stories, and connect with others! The day concluded with big-ups, or positive affirmations to others within the group, making sure that everyone in our circle feels seen, heard and appreciated for the little interactions and moments that can make someone else's day. It was wonderful to celebrate everyone's actions and gestures as a cohort, and I know that it made me proud to be a part of such an accepting and compassionate community that inspires and supports others regardless.

This day was supported by the team from Character Builders, with whom the cohort has worked with before, on Year 10 Camp, during Years 10 and 11, and on the Positive Mindset Treasure Hunt in Year 11. By having these opportunities to regularly reflect, we've been able to watch our progress within the school, from nervous year 10s to the guardians of QACI culture in Year 12 now. It has been so beneficial to reconnect, and to make the most of these positive education days, as taking time for community reflection is so valuable, and necessary. Everyone who attended will have taken away a different learning, and an understanding of how to apply that to their leadership journey this year, and the sharing of this individual wisdom makes our school the growing and supportive community that it is.​

Thank you to Mr Rogers, and to Kylie, Damien, Maddy and Niamh, the Character Builders, for organising such a worthwhile workshop!

Article written by Anna Ryley, Year 12

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Last reviewed 21 March 2022
Last updated 21 March 2022