Crimping Eyelashes and Duct Tape


​Recently QACI students collaborated on a combined music and dance creative ensembles showcase.  Lauren Trumbull, Year 10 provides her reflection of the evening.

As I pulled open the dressing room door, I was greeted with the honestly terrifying sight of someone crimping their eyelashes. Cliché though it sounds, there was a buzz backstage tonight – of dancers mocking through steps; of instruments tuning; of people racing about.

“Cello Club!” someone was yelling, “Don’t panic -- I’ve got the duct tape!”

There are ten basins in that dressing room, and I hadn’t understood how we could possibly need that many until tonight. Now there were trios of creatives gathered around almost all of them, touching up hair and makeup, zipping backs and buttoning sleeves.

Costumes glittered and shoes clicked. Buttons were buttoned and excited whispers hissed. You could run your fingers through the thrilled anticipation in this room.

At 6.10, we all gathered around Ms Place, Ms Freeman and Miss Collis for some final words of wisdom before the first performers went on. As Ms Place reminded us, grinning, this showcase was a rare and amazing chance for some of QACI’s musicians and dancers to perform live together for our school community, to be propelled forward by each other’s energy as we played and danced.

Then, those of us performing later in the second half dispersed into the audience, and Mr C. took the stage to introduce the night. A percussion ensemble stepped out of the wings, a trio of dancers glided out in front of them, and the night really began!

It was a truly fabulous showcase of everyone’s hard work for the past term-and-a-bit. Our audience was in for a treat! We heard and watched and waved our arms around to everything from a ballet excerpt to the YMCA.

It’s an incredible feat to play for dancers or to perform a dance to live music -- to time things right, to space things out on stage -- but all the talented geese who planned, choreographed, danced, played and sang tonight were more than capable. Our showcase came together stunningly.

Congratulations to all of my fellow musicians, to the luminous year 10 dance ensemble and to the teachers and stagehands who organised the showcase!

(Our Music for Dance Showcase was the first of two creative ensembles showcases this year, and if you couldn’t make it to this one, I thoroughly recommend keeping an ear out for next semester’s. It’s sure to be just as brilliant!)

...article written by Year 10 Lauren Trumbull

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Last reviewed 21 May 2019
Last updated 21 May 2019