Creative Generation Excellence Awards in Visual Arts


​Congratulations to Sarah Liew, Luca Cadioli, Zoe Stuart and Scarlett Sillence, Year 12 Visual Arts students at QACI who were recent entrants in the Creative Generation Excellence awards in Visual Arts awards. 

The excellence awards promote and recognise excellence in senior visual arts education throughout the state.

All four students won excellence awards at the Metropolitan Awards Night held at the Brisbane Institute of Art during the last week of Term 3. Their works will be displayed in a student Excellence awards exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Southbank in early 2019.

Details about their submitted works can be found here.

Consuming the Hunger

Sarah Liew



Consuming the Hunger conveys the progression of giving into societal norms and living life through materialistic desires. Motifs of body parts and money make reference to our consumerist society to convey the relationship between the body and money. Additionally, by using a myriad of blending modes, opacities and layers, I created bright colours and after-images to confront the viewer. The scribbled and spiralling drawings represent the energetic and chaotic nature of everyday life while exaggerating the dream-like lens we put on our desires.

Movens Mortem


a Cadioli

Video with Sound

​Movens Mortem, a modern interpretation of traditional memento mori and vanitas still life paintings, aims to reflect on the vanity of worldly possessions. In doing so it considers our mortality and, like traditional artworks of this style, intends to humble the viewer by reminding them that they will die. This is conveyed symbolically with items of material value which act as anadmonition of the futility of life and the certainty of death, being submergedin water to suggest a need to cleanse or purge one’s self of superficiality.

A Collective Subconscious

Zoe Stuart

Acrylic on Canvas

​The Japanese philosophy, The Untamed Mind, explores thesubconscious within us, prior to the human instinct that drives us toorder the unordered. This painting is the result of my attempt todiscover an untamed memory. I filmed a day from my perspective,then randomly took screenshots of the video, narrowing the‘memory’ into four stills. Through fluid continuous line drawings ofthese stills, I could un-tame the images and merge them into one.The layering of chaotic lines and vast colour palette reflect my experience of this subconscious memory.

Oh, The Dust Returns To The Earth As It Was

Scarlett Sillence

Thread in fabric

​Life and death are enigmatic, superior and often perplexing concepts,
however, this installation upends these preconceived notions by
recognising the monotony of life and the naturalness of death. By using
my own mother as the subject I address the universal unifier; a mother, or
someone to lose, therefore evoking strong personal feelings from the
audience. Through materiality and repetitious stitching I was able to represent the eternal nature of death, which additionally recognises the untangled and frayed edges of life to evoke feelings of fragility. The unpredictable nature of the stitches reflects the chaos and disorder of life and death.


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Last reviewed 12 October 2018
Last updated 12 October 2018