COVID-19 Community Update Learning Resources


There has been no advice provided to the school from the Queensland Government on school closures.  We seek your support to await further communications and directives from QACI as informed by government authorities.

Please see below the email that has been sent to all students this morning in relation to their online learning platform available to support the continued teaching and learning at QACI. Please note the student intranet site is accessed via student log in details only.

_____ (Message to students)

At this time, I would like to communicate with you about our continued commitment to teaching and learning at QACI.

As a senior secondary high school, we have existing online platforms that support your day-to-day access to curriculum resources and teacher support. Teachers use these well-established platforms in a routine manner as part of your daily practice within your specific pre-IB and IB subjects. Our expectations of you are that you continue to engage in your learning using these platforms Blackboard, OneNote and ManageBac. The link to our student intranet is Student Intranet which provides further links to the various learning platforms for those that may be absent from school. 

OneNote has a collaborative and individual question facility that students can utilise to communicate specific details with their teachers. Blackboard has a discussion board that offers a collaborative opportunity for students to work together and with their teachers’ involvement. We support you and your continued learning collaboration with each other and there are opportunities to do this via OneNote and Blackboard. Students, please be reminded that teachers will respond to questions in a timely manner that is aligned to their professional obligations and duties. As autonomous learners, you are encouraged to work independently to a timetable that supports your individual learning requirements.

While we understand each student has their own individual commitments, please be reassured that a flexible approach is in place under the current circumstances. For example, due dates for a number of practical assessments will be reconsidered and communicated to you directly by the Head of Department or Subject Teacher. For practical assignments, for example Biology IAs, lab equipment is available to borrow, as is always the case. Details of assessment timelines will be reviewed in the coming week and communicated to you directly via email.

I have strong confidence in your abilities to continue on your learning journey in these difficult times. With existing support systems, QACI learners are well placed to continue to Connect, Strive and Thrive and achieve success.

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Last reviewed 19 March 2020
Last updated 19 March 2020