Big Day In - A Student Day of Visual Art


Big Day In is the largest Visual Art event of the year! It is a full day at school (8:30am to 7:00 pm) where grade 11 and 12 visual art students have the opportunity to work with one of several local Brisbane artists, all specialising in different areas of art- whether that be with different mediums, concepts or processes. Occurring last Thursday, the day was an exciting mix of collaborating, experimenting and really getting to know the artist personally, whose workshop you chose.

The day began with a presentation by the artist, describing who they are, where they come from and their driving passions to create! All the artists that were involved in Big Day In had a variety of skills and ideas so students could pick a workshop where they felt they could experiment and try something completely different or continue on with pre-existing skills or choose a workshop where they could extend their new found-skills to develop a larger artwork.

The featured artists of the day include:

  • Caroline Gasteen with a workshop titled "From your perspective: Colour and 3D collage". This workshop investigated complex ideas such as composition, form, scale, abstraction, perspective and scale, with the use of geometric shapes. Throughout the day the students artwork evolved from sculptures of geometric shapes in paper to photographs to small painted studies.

  • Caroline V Watson with the workshop- "Hanging hybrids and improbable botany- Sculpture through repetition". Carolyn Watson focuses on the reconstruction of self and identifies her work as "occupying the space of the in-between". During this workshop students planned and creating sculptures using a variety of materials that were new to most- like plaster for example.

  • Glenda Orr- "Nature and the Multiple: Print-Making." Students prepared several images of social or environmental issues that were important to them and then learnt of the complex process of printmaking on an aluminium plate. Letting go of perfection, trusting the process and understanding that if everything didn't go as planned, that's ok but mistakes add character to the piece!

  • Casselle Mountford- "Site Specific Environmental Sculpture". Casselle Mountford's artistic practice involves weaving, lantern making, sculpture and environmental installations. With her great knowledge of materials and sculpture, students had the opportunity to create hangable forms as a part of a sculptural installation from cane and other various natural materials.

  • Charles Robb- "Digital Objects: photogrammetry in the studio". Charles Robb has been a practicing artist for more than two decades, his work explores incidental form and notions of subjectivity through digital, sculptural and photographic media. In this workshop, students had the opportunity to explore the application of photogrammetry (use of photographs to produce a digital 3D form).

Overall, Big Day In 2020 was a fantastic day! I think that any visual art student will tell you that we gained a lot more insight into the artist's processes and the day focused mainly on the process of creation rather than the outcome. It was also great to bond with other art students from different grade levels over papa dams and the messiness of ink. 

Student works are currently on exhibition in Gallery 61 until the end of term 1.

...article written by Morgan Lee, Year 11

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Last reviewed 09 March 2020
Last updated 09 March 2020