Being a part of a giant big family - Year 10 Camp


Fresh-faced, bright-eyed, and nervous, 150 eager new Year 10 students found themselves standing in the unfamiliar QACI foyer with packed bags on just their second day of school. On January 28th, the new members of QACI's flock headed to the Maroochy Waterfront Camp for bonding and character building. After eating some of the delicious food supplied by the wonderful Maroochy staff, students participated in team-oriented activities refuelled and full of energy.  

Unaccustomed to the campus' hallowed halls and to one another, the students had no clue what to expect from the days to come; but the Year 10 Maroochy Waterfront Camp quickly eased worries and brought many students out of their shells and into the infamous QACI flock. With team dragon boat races, where all 3 school houses were pitted against each other in an all-out dash to the finish line, a talent show featuring stand-up comedians, a group of expert breathers, songs from well-loved musicals and Disney films, and The Backstreet Boys, tedious domino stacking that didn't go as perfectly as planned, paintings by the water, and an adrenaline fuelled rave on the second-last day (which involved a conga line to Britney Spears' Toxic,) students took quickly to flying in V formation, taking chances, and making new friends.

Undeniably, one of the most beloved activities from the three-day camp was Big Ups, where a student would stand in front of their cohort and give their appreciations and thanks to another peer. Be it shared taste in musical theatre, an easy, welcoming conversation, or an appreciation of another student's style, the cohort found something to be thankful for in one another night after night. Every student returned to their rooms feeling warm and fuzzy, regardless of whether they were on the receiving end of a Big Up or not.

On the final day of camp, students were taken to the beach for one last round of team-building exercises. The cohort was broken up into four groups and sent to enjoy a series of activities in the hot, white sand and salty air. Rats and blocks of cheese were sculpted out of sand and decorated with sticks and shells. Groups dug tunnels under ropes and pulled their teammates through. A great race for the flag---similar to musical chairs---was quickly underway. Finally, students took to the waves and went for a quick swim. Given a chance to change out of their swimmers, the students, with their bags and clothes full of sand, packed up their bungalows and their rooms and were driven back to QACI, pampered by the (brilliant) Year 11 volunteers with music and lollies.

Needless to say, Maroochy Waterfront Camp brought Year 10 together in every way. QACI's newest geese, though eager for a good night's sleep, returned from the waterfront smiling, thankful, and part of a giant new family—if not just the smallest bit sunburnt.

 Article written by Bea Callander & Harry Iszlaub, Year 10

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Last reviewed 13 February 2020
Last updated 13 February 2020