Aspire Awards Ceremony


No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” – William Blake

It was a very special and important night for the students and staff members of QACI.

ASPIRE only comes around once every year. The event is an integral part of the QACI academic year to acknowledge the achievements and to celebrate the contributions of the students to the QACI community.

Rows and rows of glass trophies were aligned neatly across the table, waiting to be presented to their new owners. Numerous awards were eagerly waiting to be given out throughout the night. The students among the crowd quietly made their predictions on which students were to receive each of the awards, a suspenseful surprise that was to be revealed later. Parents started to flock into the hall, hoping to get the best seats. The ceremony was soon to begin. 

The awards ceremony kick-started with the Subject Award winners, followed by the Academic Excellence Awards recipients. Occasionally, there would be cheers and screams erupting from the crowd as the MC announced the name of the recipient… a familiar name, followed by a thunderous round of applause. Some rushed back and forth, receiving several well-deserved awards. 

Not only were the students fortunate enough to receive an award. QACI received one too! Principal Gavin Bryce received the 2018 Positive Mindset Award – School Champion from the Positive Mindset Creative Arts Festival.

Finally, it was time for the special awards. The awards of which the award winners themselves were unaware of receiving. Some of these awards included the Quiet Achiever Award, the Ewan Murray Dark Knight Award, and The Pathmaker Award.

As each announcer introduced each award, they described the great achievements of the recipient. They finally drew out a white piece of paper and slowly lifted open the flap, accompanied by the drumroll made by the students. The entire hall waited for the first words to come out of their mouths… the words that would reveal the worthy recipient of each award. When the name was finally revealed, some of the recipients took a second to fully absorb that it was their own name that was uttered.

Musical performances were scattered throughout the evening, featuring performances from the Vox Choir, a solo performance by Christopher Perlinski, a dance performance by Sophie Hann and Joshua Brandon, and a special band performance which featured QACI’s own Mr Christiansen on the saxophone.

One of the last items of the evening was the announcement of the new House Managers and Student Directors. These new leaders underwent an extremely rigorous selection process and were finally chosen to lead the ever-growing QACI community in 2019. The House Managers and Student Directors of 2018 handed over their positions to the new leaders by presenting them with personally handwritten letters along with a warm hug.

The evening was filled with laughter and celebrations all around. We would like to thank the organisers of the evening and the team behind the scenes for all their time and effort to ensure the event ran smoothly.

...article written by Caitlin Baptist, Year 10



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Last reviewed 26 October 2018
Last updated 26 October 2018