Aquafest Swimming Carnival


​Ever since the start of the year, Aquafest has been sitting at the back of our minds. Year 10 students have quite literally been preparing from day 1 while at Year 10 Camp. And when it finally happened, it is safe to bet that many of us did not know what to expect on the day.

How different was it going to be? How much fun were we going to have? And let's face it, What exactly is a 'whale whelay wace'?

Of course, I can't say for certain, but the vast majority of Year 11 and 12 students were looking forward to this unique swimming carnival. Each house with its enthusiastic war cries set an exciting atmosphere, with a competitive edge for the day and the competitors were definitely pumped for their races.

As well as the standard school carnival swimming races, we were also treated to the Salmon Run, Whale Races and of course the teacher and student synchronised swimming competitions are what really define a true QACI Aquafest. I am sure all the spectators were highly amused at the sight of the whale racers struggling to stay on their whale, let alone swim with it.

The synchronised swimming pieces showed what we had to offer after weeks of House preparation. Whilst I did not exactly memorise all the dance moves, I had fun performing something as a team, which is a statement that most of us would probably agree with.

As for the 50m swimming events, it was a chance for us to try out our swimming skills and race against some of our friends. It was also great seeing the some of the official talent some of our fellow students secretly possess as 'actual' swimmers in the pool. A special shout out to official competitors – you were all great!

After the final points were calculated, all eyes were on the newly sculpted Aquafest Trophy, designed by fellow Design Technology students and teachers, and we all waited in nervous anticipation for the announcement of the coveted House Champion.

Once Vivezza was announced in second place, the mighty Èveiller house erupted in triumph as they took the Aquafest win for this year!

Along with every other student and staff member at QACI, I wish to extend my gratitude to Ms Pickett, the House Coordinators and all the other staff and students who helped to organize this successful event.

...article written by Henry Wang, Year 10

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Last reviewed 03 March 2021
Last updated 03 March 2021