A Magical Night of Film


​Cinemática was a magical night where film students were able to showcase their short films created in their final year of the IB journey. This night runs every year at QACI to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible efforts of the creative and innovative directors, writers, and cinematographers of the future. At this night, it is also important to thank the teachers; Mr Carozza, Mr Elliot, and Mr Rogers for harnessing these young visionaries and committing to them, wholeheartedly, throughout the 3-year voyage.

Due to COVID-19, the year 12's final assessments were modified to become individual assignments rather than the usual collaborative projects. The high standard was still maintained, and it was made apparent the diverse themes and genres explored in all of them. Some films were re-shown from the Experimental Films screening and some were new to the audience. Sketch comedy, surrealism, and magic realism were some prominent genres that many of these films fit under, exploring themes that have real world context in a magical, unreal way. The Story of the It-Alls by Noah Jude, Death of a God Complex by Ariela Faulkner and The Hole in My Heart by Feliz Lovell governed the high standard this cohort stands by.

Harrison Brown's film Remembering Home, explored how to visually portray the concept of memory through the extensive list of houses he has lived in. He virtually designed in three dimension using Adobe Blender 3 of his most memorable houses and then compared it to the original layout, showing how this exploration could help him remember things that would have been long forgotten.

'There wasn't an actual task or real criteria that I had to fit in to. The first spark of an idea of a video, of this guy, this animator called Don Hertzfeldt, he did this one short for the Simpsons, like the couch gag at the start about what would happen if you are an immortal being or character in the Simpsons and slowly over time your memories start morphing and fading and those are the only things you have to hold on for as the world changes around you and you can't do anything around it. And then I kind of thought about the idea when I was talking to someone else about my old houses I've lived in and my memories and how they all had this symbolism and meaning to me.'

Overall, Cinemática was an atmospheric night that showed the arthouse films of the future.​

...article written by Pemay Johnsen, Year 10

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Last reviewed 18 October 2021
Last updated 18 October 2021