Café Scientifique – National Science Week 2017

During National Science Week, Queensland Academies Creative Industries student Josephine Mabin attended Café Scientifique – where for the price of a coffee, students can come and explore the latest ideas in Science and Technology.  Co-hosting the event with Queensland Academies Science, Mathematics and Technology, Josephine provides her reflection of the event.

…Recently I represented QACI in co-hosting Café Scientifique, an event with participation across the Queensland Academies for National Science Week. Both local and rural students attended, presenting their research in front of a panel of established scientists and members of the public. It was breathtaking to witness the passion for science displayed by these presenters, and by the night’s completion, I knew about theory from all of STEM that I would otherwise have never encountered.

Co-hosting the evening with three other Queensland Academies’ students, it was interesting to compare our experience with the International Baccalaureate program, and the different approaches to learning supported by each of the campuses. What most engaged and inspired me during the evening was the real world applications that the presenters’ research included. From teeth whitening to car theft, the evening reminded me that STEM concepts form a complex basis for everyday activity.

A number of presenters discussed findings from their extended essays, and as a student about to embark on the journey of my own extended essay, they have inspired and encouraged me to produce an equally thorough result, and reminded me how rewarding the combination of research and passion can be. I am extremely thankful for my experience in co-hosting Café Scientifique. The theory I learned, devotion I witnessed, and friends I made, have immeasurably improved my acknowledgement of the necessity of a strong scientific passion in youth. My revelations can be summarised by a sentiment of Dr Ben Greene, a scientist present during the evening, “science is everywhere”.

…article written by Josephine Mabin, Year 11




Video produced by Year 10 Film Students, Juan Carrasco, Caleb Hardy, Salvatore Pennisi and Daniel Lee