Business Excursion to the Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane

On Tuesday 18th of July the Business Management HL and SL students got the opportunity to visit the Brisbane Airport and the Port of Brisbane. Despite the constant bus travel, the actual tours were interesting.

Port of Brisbane First, we all piled into the bus from QACI and headed to the enormous Port of Brisbane. The Port of Brisbane is situated on its own island connected by bridge, made of dredged sand that was taken to widen the Port’s channels to allow for longer and wider ships. Our tour guide, Peter, took the students to the top of Ports’ reception building and showed us the majesty of the Port of Brisbane as it lay before us. Peter answered our burning questions about the functions and operations of the Port thoroughly before taking us back to the bus for a closer look around the Port.

Did you know that one of our largest imports is cars? And that the QLD Government gets its bitumen piping hot from China to build roads?

Port of Brisbane3Next, we headed over to the Brisbane Airport, which is situated closely to the Port. The students got to see aeroplanes take off and land from the Airports’ open field viewing area, and then back on the bus to have a tour. This showed cheeky peeks into various hangers and of the new runway that is being built (also on dredged, settling sand). On this tour, we learned more about the architecture of the Airport building and art pieces of the Airport. Also, we learned that the Brisbane Airport has the best airport coffee in the world – which connects well with our study of Business, as we know the kind of publicity that title can generate!

All in all, it was a stimulating experience for the Business Management students of QACI. It was an experience worth having if you’re fascinated with the operations of large-scale businesses that deal internationally.

Article written by Year 11, VJ.Velton.