Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre

…article written by Indiah Morris, Year 10
ESS3Recently the Year 10 Environmental Systems and Societies (ESS) students’ had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre.
The 46 of us spent the day in the great outdoors, developing skills that will help us in our work in the IB course and soaking up the sun’s rays to absorb some much needed Vitamin D.
In our individual classes we explored the different native plants in the area, learnt about the native animals that live there and saw how abiotic factors affected the composition of the ecosystem.
Through 3 different activities, we developed our numeracy skills and practical field skills. We learnt that it is more difficult to measure factors out in the field rather than the laboratory, while simultaneously showing us a wider range of measuring skills that we wouldn’t have experienced in the classroom.
ESS2One of the activities had us identifying macro invertebrates. This then helped us use a numerical score called signal 2 to measure the health of the aquatic environment. This activity gave us an idea about the tiny organisms we may not have noticed previously and the pollution in our waterways.
Another activity involved us analysing different soil types. Working with the soil was an opportunity to have a hands on experience, analysing soil texture at different sites. For example, seeing the differences between a ridgeline and a gully.
Some of the students recounted their experience on the excursion:
My favourite part of the day was bonding with my ESS class and having a good time in the dirt.
Grace, Year 10
I learned a lot about people on the excursion. I didn’t think I would get to know people better over Science, but I did. Disappointed that I didn’t find a Yabbie! But overall, it was a great day….
Winnie, Year 10
Overall, the Year 10 ESS cohort are incredibly grateful for this opportunity. We would like to thank Mrs Marsden, Mr Aspinall and Mr Harris for accompanying us on the excursion and Lisa and Julie from the Bunyaville Environmental Education Centre for teaching us about our environment.