Beyond the Brush – Yr 10 Art Exhibition

Yr 10 Beyond the BrushYear 10 Visual Art student’s have worked hard on their recent art exhibition “Beyond the Brush”, showcasing the experimentation of their first term’s work. The focus of this exhibition artworks was to clearly respond to the concept of mark making through motive and gestural mark making, observational drawing, digital manipulation, abstraction and photography; also expressing their feelings and emotions on something seen or felt.

Yr 10 Beyond the BrushDuring the first term of 2016, students have investigated traditional and unconventional approaches to mark making including drawing, digital imaging and photography. During their development of artworks, artists such as CY Twombly [] and Sophie Munns [] played a role in inspiring their concepts and ideas in relation to mark making.

Yr 10 Beyond the BrushWhilst students displayed their works in the gallery, part of the learning process was in fact the installation of their works. Space, Light and viewing the art at the appropriate level played a part in the final installation of the exhibition.

Yr 10 Beyond the BrushOverall, the students have showcased a successful first QACI exhibition and are looking forward to seeing how their skills develop further throughout their artistic journey through QACI.