Australian Law Student of the Year
2008 Foundation Alumnus Milan Gandhi

Great news for Milan Gandhi, 2008 QACI Foundation Alumnus today. Milan was announced winner of Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards – Australian Law Student of the Year category. QACI is thrilled for Milan – his acknowledgement below speaks volumes about QACI as a nurturing environment in which he developed as an IB Learner, and the critical and creative thinking attributes that he developed through his study of IB Film. These critical and creative thinking attributes he now uses to challenge the traditions of the legal world through his not-for-profit entity, The Legal Forecast.

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I was reluctant to let my head hit the pillow last night just in case, as Biggie says, “it was all a dream”. I’m up now, and pinching myself, and able to report that I won 2017 Australian Law Student of the Year. As I said last night, my own efforts to get here pale in comparison to the support I have received from friends, mentors and, above all, my family. I’m brimming with love for you people. I cannot thank you enough.

It was particularly special to be in attendance with fellow finalists Sophie Tversky and Adrian Agius, both equally deserving of 1st prize, and both critical to The Legal Forecast’s successes to date, and Ann-Maree David, a peerless supporter of aspiring lawyers (and our motley crew of legal innovators), and the McCullough Robertson family, but particularly partner Matt Bradbury who has been a patient and generous mentor of mine since I started at McR as a “doc review monkey” in 2014.

These were just some of the people who were physically there last night – as for the people who weren’t, there are too many of you for me to attempt to list in one post but expect me to be in touch soon.

I completely dedicate this to Mum, Dad and Meera Gandhi.
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Our Alumni page on the website will also give you a bit more detail about Milan and what drives him: