At QACI Language Matters…

Alliance Française Poetry Competition

The annual Alliance Française  “Concours de Poésie” 2016 took place on Saturday 27th August at Alliance Française Westend. Students who enter are required to recite a poem in French in front of a jury usually comprising of two French Teachers. The poems are equally challenging in terms of difficulty and must be learned by heart. We had a record number of student participants from QACI participating this year with 5 Year 10 students, 1 year 11 student and 2 year 12 students entering the competition; Mirna Meleke, Thomas White, Jessamine O’Carroll, Jasmine Regan Feldman, Isabella Abrahams, Rebecca Walters, Téa Carlson-Wareham, and Mairead Roche are all to be commended on their effort and participation. We look forward to hearing of their results in October.

2016 French Poetry Competition 2016

  Mirna, Tom and Jessamine remaining cool, calm and collected before their recitals.









The Assessment of Language Competence

All Year 10 and Year 11 language students sat the Assessment of Language Competence (ALC) during the month of August. This is a second language skills testing program based on realistic texts and situations with multiple-choice questions.  It has been a part of thousands of language programs in schools throughout Australia, New Zealand, South-east Asia and the Pacific since 1990. This is the first time both cohorts have sat this test and by all accounts has proved a rewarding and engaging experience. We look forward to the results of our students in October.