Assessment Policy and Procedures

QACI Assessment Policy and Procedures

QACI’s Assessment Policy is designed to:

  1. Assessment Book Cover Image_webClearly set out expectations and practices which are common across all areas of the curriculum (transparency)
  2. Communicate to all students, care givers and teachers (expectations)
  3. Guide all teaching staff in ensuring that the assessment process is consistent and just for all (fairness)

QACI Assessment Policy aligns with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IB) and the specific criteria as stated in the Handbook of Procedures for the Diploma Programme.  For Year 10 students at QACI, this is combined with the principles for Australia’s National Curriculum and reporting.

The QACI Assessment Policy aligns and links with a number of other Policies at QACI including

Please see the QACI Assessment Policy for details.

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Application for Extension / Alternate Assessment Arrangements2017 Application ExtensAlt Assess MASTER July2017

There may be some situations where a student is absent on the day of an exam or when as assignment is due.  Please see the QACI Assessment Policy for more details and download the Application for Extension / Alternative Assessment Arrangements (or collect “Blue Form” from Client Services).  Parents / Students must then contact the Head of Department (HOD) for approval and to make arrangements to complete the assessment task as per the Assessment Policy.



QACI IB Med Cert_2017_webStudent Illness during Summative IB Exams

If a student falls ill during an IB examination and believes it has affected their performance they should speak with the Deputy Principal / IB Coordinator immediately after the examination and then supply medical documentation in the form of the QACI IB Medical Certificate as soon as possible (within 24 hours).  The Deputy Principal / IB Coordinator will submit a D2 application on behalf of the student.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is formative assessment?

Formative assessment can be in the form of exams, orals or assignments.  The result of which is used to form a reporting grade based on the learning outcomes of that particular subject.   It is not reported to the IB.

What is summative assessment?

This is a term used to describe an assessment instrument within an IB subject.  There may be many components within the IB subject such as exams, assignments and orals.

The result for this IB subject will be the cumulative results of all assessment instruments within that subject. It will be used to calculate the final IB result for that subject.

Do Year 10 students do IB summative assessment?

No they do not.  They study Year 10 subjects and are not part of the IB system. The IB program begins in Year 11.

When does summative assessment begin?

Summative assessment may begin in Year 11 for some subjects. Students will be made aware of the nature of the assessment instrument and the proportional weighting of the task.

What is an alternative assessment arrangement?

This is an arrangement made in consultation with the Head of Department and/or the Administration of the school.  When an extension or an alternative to the assessment conditions has been organised the student will be awarded a mark for the assessment instrument and provided with written feedback.

What do I do if my student is sick on the day assessment is due?

The student should submit it electronically. If this is not possible, then the guardian should download the Application for Extension / Alternative Assessment Arrangements and send it to the relevant Head of Department.  Alternatively, the guardian should contact the Head of Department to make formal arrangements for the submission of this assessment item.

What do I do if my child is away on the day of a exam?

The guardian should download the Application for Extension / Alternative Assessment Arrangements and send it to the relevant Head of Department. Medical certificates must be supplied if it is an IB summative assessment.

What happens if a student misses assessment and does not have a valid reason?

The student will be required to complete the assessment item for feedback purposes only.

What happens if my student does not submit a draft for an assessment piece?

The student has forfeited the right for formal written feedback.  Parents will be contacted via email within 48 hours of the due date.

What should I do if my student is not coping with the pressure of assessment and/or is struggling to cope with everyday school tasks?

Contact the relevant Year level co-ordinator:

Ms Debbie Williamson – Year 10

Mr Gavin Bryce – Year 11

Ms Karen Casey – Year 12


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