Anywhere Theatre Festival
Year 12 Student Theatre Performances

The Anywhere (Theatre) Festival celebrates diversity, achievement and excellence and cherishes supporters, volunteers, audiences, participants, consumers, makers, creators, keepers and distributors of arts & culture.

It’s a way of sharing stories with our community. It’s a forum through which emerging artists can develop and showcase their praxis. It’s also an opportunity for local business and enterprise groups to play a part as host venues for a variety of performance and installation related entertainment.

Anywhere Festival is a win-win for Brisbane and the wider community to come together and celebrate the power of the Arts.

QACI features extensively in this year’s line up. A schedule of student inspired and created productions by our Year 12 Theatre Students are listed below.

Anywhere Theatre Festival

(Panopticon?)Anywhere Theatre Festival

5 – 7 May 7.30pm
QUT Library Kelvin Grove

Year 12 Theatre Ensemble: Courtney Cavallaro, Samantha Hammond, Natasha Eagles

noun: panopticon; plural noun: panopticons
a circular prison with cells arranged around a central well, from which prisoners could at all times be observed.



If Only Anywhere Theatre FestivalIf Only

6 – 9 May, 5:30pm
Wooloongabba Substation 45 Logan Rd, Wooloongabba

Year 12 Theatre Ensemble: Chloe Mayes, Abbey Wall, Genevieve Sansoni, Ashlinn Theroux, Isabel Ruiz

How would you feel if you had raised a murderer?

Could you forgive your child if they killed an innocent human being or would you fight to keep them in jail. If they used the butcher knife for more than one reason would you still invite them over for dinner?  Would you let a murderer back into their childhood home?

Creatives include Ashlinn Theroux, Isabel Ruiz, Genevieve Sansoni, Chloe Mayes and Abbey Wall

Warning: Mature Audiences



Image 3Burn The B-List

11 – 13 May, 7pm
Level 3 Film Studio, QACI, 61 Musk Ave Kelvin Grove.

Year 12 Theatre Ensemble: Tom Burton, Anastasia Chistiakoff, Saarya Khan, Jamie O’Donnell

Additional performers include Bella Beiraghi, and Jack Hutchison

Film Studios are known to be filled with drama and intrigue, the pursuit of perfection has its side effects, not everything is as it seems. There was a lot more leading up to “You had me at Hello” than we were told.



Image 4Deep Pockets

12 – 14 May, 7.30pm
Yoga studio, Urban Climb, 17 Roy St Milton

Year 12 Theatre Ensemble: Caley Springall, Thom Cokell, Ivan Falcongreen

Life hack #878: Weeds grow when you water your plants. To fix this, water your garden community with toxic substances – or don’t water it at all!

Remove those pesky and unwanted infiltrators of your garden with our simple home brew pesticide recipe of one part fascism two parts malevolence and a splash of mysogyny.

Deep Pockets is a contemporary performance brought to you by Ivan Falcongreen, Caley Springall and Thomas Cokell



Alex_Eventbrite_SmThe Rubric System

18 May 4:30pm
19 May 12:55pm
QACI studio, Level 2, 61 Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove

A play written and performed by Alex Cox.

What is the one thing that our parents tell us not to do, but we do it anyway? We judge a book by its cover. More specifically, in high school we create stereotypes – there’s the classic Jock, Goth, Basic White Girl, The Nerd and more. It’s our natural subconscious instinct. But what if someone wasn’t who you’d expect him or her to be? What if it was a façade just waiting to be broken by the right person?

The Rubric System, a play performed and written by Year 12 Queensland Academies Creative Industries’ Theatre student Alex Cox, aims to explore the criteria of stereotypes and show what’s really underneath the surface.

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