Anywhere Festival

The Anywhere Festival, a Brisbane based not-for-profit company with a vision to propel a world-wide trend for exciting, engaging, passionate performance regardless of access to traditional theatre infrastructure [] is in full swing and Year 12 QACI theatre dramaturgs are hard at it.

CEO and Artistic Director, Paul Osuch gave us his thoughts today as to what he thinks of our involvement in the show.

“As the Australia Council for the Arts announces 62 organisations will no longer receiving funding, we need to look at different and better ways to make exciting performances happen anywhere with a model that works for independent artists. We are doing what we can to make that paradigm shift happen, but we know it will be people like the talented, resourceful and educated QACI crews that will take this mantle and be the innovators in the future. That’s why we are so pleased that we can work with six different groups to experience being part of a festival of performance anywhere but a theatre to learn, create, hold their own against the more experienced performers and then create the performances that melt our hearts, build our empathy, change our minds and pay the artists well into the future.”

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