ama inviteQueensland Academies Creative Industries Campus invites you to a series of paintings by Film Educator and Practicing Artist, John Carozza.

The exhibition will be open from Thursday April 20, with the Opening night on Friday 21 April, 6pm in Gallery 61.

From the artist…

My latest collection of paintings is titled ‘Ama’, (海女 in Japanese), ‘women of the sea’ taking its name from the female Japanese divers who originally dived for shellfish, then became synonymous with pearl diving. They are part of a tradition dating back to 750 AD. These women would dive in freezing waters holding their breath for up to 2 minutes.

I imagine their version of the world would be something quite extraordinary, see things, through a liquid lens that would be a unique experience that only they shared.

My work has nearly always been an attempt to capture some formless depth that might be both layered and liquid in appearance, something that asks the viewer to feel something as much as see. I see a similarity in the beauty of the Ama and what they would have seen underwater in this pure state.

AMA’s is open from April 20th in Gallery 61… Opening night 21st 6-8.30pm

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