A Simple Mess

…article written by Anna Madrigal, Year 11

On the 11th and 12th of August, the Year 12 Theatre ensemble presented a collection of their Year 12 solo pieces in a production titled Simple Mess, where each year 12 student would take the stage by themselves and present an original piece of theatre they had created.

Varying wildly in style, tone, and themes, the showcase truly demonstrated the stylistic breadth of the Year 12’s, and how they’d applied their two and a half years of learning under QACI’s theatre course. Using such things as projector screens, voice over, and even entire shows in comedic mime, each show gave you the essence of what each year 12 student found most interesting about the artform.

Most delightful still was that after each Year 12 performed their ‘mess,’ the other half of the year 12 theatre cohort came on stage as clownish cleaners jovially changing set for each performance, acting as an effective palate cleanser between each show that I very much looked forward to during the end of each show.

As a Year 11 theatre student, I was incredibly intrigued to see what was in store for me in the future. I hope that the Year 12’s are proud of the work they’ve produced as they are nearing the end of their QACI journey.