A Clear Flair for Combining Knowledge to Create Something New

Three years of IB Music studies produce erudite, informed and intelligent students; and we haven’t even gotten to their compositions. While IB Music is an arduous process of dense theoretical study (Contrapuntal Elaboration of Static Harmony, anyone?), countless set works and movements to study, there is a clear flair for combining knowledge to create something new,  just as the innovators of the past have.

QACI defies, with clear ability, the general ‘music kid’ stereotype; classical, classical, classical. While we do not object to Handel or Schubert, and in fact, we relish in the opportunity to inform someone the tune their humming is the Prélude to Bizet’s Carmen, our knowledge is spread further than this. QACI music kids, thanks to our teachers, are adept in a plethora of styles; contemporary, musique concrète, showtunes and, perhaps most importantly to QACI’s own Matt Christensen, Jazz. The sign of a well-educated student is their ability to absorb and respect any genre that has come before, whether or not a personal taste has been acquired for it.

The graduating music class clearly display these three years of education: displaying everything they’ve learned in professional compositions, performed by students across QACI, not just exclusive to the music department. Elaborate and clever, QACI’s music department clearly teaches their students that they can create what they want, rather than a carbon copy of what has come before.

It is quite clear that every person who attended the Year 12 Music Showcase that they’d be bach the next year.

…article written by Lily Banks, Year 11

[image credit: Chris Patrick]