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Queensland Academies Creative Industries (QACI) graduates are internationally-minded, entrepreneurial, and highly creative individuals.

Ten years on, our students have forged careers across a range of industries and sectors, including and not limited to: 

  • The Arts
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Education
  • Science
  • Politics
  • The public sector
  • The commercial sector
The inaugural QACI Alumni Association (QAA) represents the diverse aspirations of our learning community and pays homage to the credo best described by Sir Ken Robinson, British Author, speaker and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education and arts bodies.

"Individual creativity is stimulated by the work, ideas and achievements of other people. We stand on the shoulders of others to see further"Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative, 2001.

We take pleasure in announcing the President and Executive Members of the 2018 QAA.
Think Clever, Creative, Global. Think QACI!

President and Executive Members


Lachlan Snow graduated QACI as a foundation student in 2008 with the specialisations of Visual Arts and Music. He holds a Bachelor of Music (vocal performance), Bachelor of Arts (French) and a Postgraduate Diploma of Education (secondary) all from the University of Queensland (UQ).
In 2015 Lachlan was appointed as Queensland State Manager for major performing arts organisation Musica Viva Australia. Lachlan oversees Musica Viva's Queensland In Schools program and International Concert Series in Brisbane with a focus on philanthropy and marketing. As part of his role, Lachlan hosts a monthly Musica Viva hour on the local classical music station 4MBS FM.

Lachlan is passionate about supporting and growing participation in community music making. Outside of his work with Musica Viva Lachlan currently conducts two orchestras and two community choirs in Brisbane. He has also led community workshops and been a locum conductor for a variety of other choirs. As an arts communicator, Lachlan presents pre-concerts talks for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and had emceed a wide range of events.

In his role as President Lachlan wishes to create a healthy foundation worthy of future successors and aims to achieve this through engaging with each and every QACI alumni and to know and appreciate their diverse stories, and to compile a fantastic database that allows him and the team to best serve their fellow alumni

Executive Member – Design, Science and Entrepreneurship

This position is currently vacant

Executive Member – Theatre

After graduating from QACI’s foundation year in 2008 Amy Burkett has followed her passion for theatre and business. She studied Theatre Production at NIDA and since then has worked non-stop in the industry. Working on theatre tours and mainstage shows with Sydney Theatre Company, Queensland Theatre, Malthouse Theatre, and La Boite Theatre translates to Amy’s significant cache of industry experience.

A recent return to Brisbane now means that ‘Amy is back!’ and whilst she sets about building her own business, she will spend time in her role as Executive Member – Theatre involving herself in event planning, especially for reunion and networking events. Amy also has lots of other ideas that involve alumni and theatre … more on that as time goes by!

Executive Member – Film and Television

Mateuse Pingol is a 2012 graduate of Film and Design Technology. In the few years since she graduated from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Film, TV and New Media Production) Mateuse has gained extensive experience in the Film and TV industry leading to her current work with the Nine Network as a Writer/Researcher for an upcoming Children’s TV show. Previously Mateuse has worked with the Ten Network in post-production, editing and props; and with QUT in digital media video production and editing.

Executive Member – Visual Arts

Phillipa Evans is a 2013 graduate of Visual Arts and Theatre. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Design (Honours) (Interior Design) at QUT, specialising in universal architecture and design practice.
Prior to commencing her Honours degree Phillipa represented the The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Observatory of Arts Education (Melbourne University) and Brisbane Festival (2014) in theatre production and operations. Phillipa is currently learning with QUT’s Oodgeroo Unit Board, and aims to develop her graduate proposal on the subject of universal learning environments with her Oodgeroo Unit associates.

Story telling is the centre of Phillipa’s design practice and research, and she believes that the strength of the prospective QAA agenda lies in the stories that QACI alumni have to share.

Executive Member – Music and Dance

Monique Baker is a 2015 Music and Theatre graduate and a current undergrad at QUT studying a Bachelor of Arts (Music).

With connections to the music community and experience in dance, Monique looks forward to working with the QAA team to serve the interests of Music and Dance alumni. Building on the strength of the QACI community Monique seeks to help coordinate opportunities for alumni, current students, and past and present staff to get together to celebrate QACI’s strong history and bright future.


Stephany Banal is a 2015 Visual Arts graduate who is currently keeps herself occupied studying a Bachelor of Law (Honours) at QUT and working part-time in a law firm.

Spearheading the now annual QACI Yearbook which launched in 2015, Stephany has a strong sense of the goose and bringing the QACI community together. Reconnecting alumni is key to her plans as she supports the QAA in her role as Secretary.

QAA Officer

Savannah Pingol is a 2014 Film graduate with a love of language! As a third-year student at UQ completing a Bachelor of Arts (Spanish and International Relations) Savannah developed her passion for language whilst at QACI and plans an international exchange to Mexico in 2018 to further hone her skills.

Savannah volunteers with Oxfam as a fundraising administration assistant and also conducts Film workshops for prospective QACI students – experiences that bring a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration to her role as QAA Officer.

As a member of the inaugural QAA team, Savannah looks forward to helping coordinate a reunion for QACI alumni to reconnect and celebrate the spirit of the Goose! Linking alumni with professional experience with those seeking to acquire experience is also a priority for Savannah who believes the collective creativity of the alumni network is a unique and valuable resource.

QAA Officer

Ruby Green is a 2014 graduate of Visual Arts and Design Technology. Currently studying a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) at UQ, and sitting comfortably on the Dean’s List, Ruby is also an academic peer mentor. In the spirit of giving Ruby works at State Library of Queensland (SLQ) as a volunteer and regards this as a strong characteristic of active team work.

As a QAA Officer Ruby’s wish-list include data collection of alumni contact info, a QAA blog, and helping to organise a reunion.

QAA Officer

Grace Anderson is the most recent graduate on the QAA having completed her 
International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma in 2016 with Film and Visual Arts representing her creative signature identity.

Currently on a gap year, Grace spends her time creating and directing her own films, documenting the process and progress, interning at various film related companies and saving madly to fund a move to Sydney to study Film in 2018.

Collaboration is key to Grace’s wish-list and as a QAA Officer she wants to help develop channels through which QACI alumni can connect and work together on creative ventures.

May Ringdahl (2014) and Georgia Wyldbore (2012) are also QAA Officers and will assist the team with various initiatives that the QAA plans for the first year of operation.

QACI / QAA Liaison

Joanna Evans – International Baccalaureate Programs, Marketing and Communications


Contact one of the team via if you would like more information about QAA.

QAA will:

  • provide a symbolic ‘place to belong’ in the QACI life-cycle so that graduation is not a full stop on a graduate’s connection with QACI

  • strengthen connections between alumni so that they can collaborate on creative and other projects

  • celebrate QACI alumni by showcasing their creative works on an annual basis

Last reviewed 22 November 2018
Last updated 22 November 2018