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Theatre is a dynamic, collaborative and live art form. It is a practical subject that encourages discovery through experimentation, underpinned by a strong theoretical base. It provides students the opportunity to explore the art form through the dimensions of theatre in context, theatre processes and, presenting theatre as creators, designers, directors and performers, working individually and as part of an ensemble. Through a critical analysis of their own processes, artistic works and the work of others students develop an appreciation of the diversity of theatre practices across time, place and culture, an appreciation which in turn informs their own cultural context.

The Pre International Baccalaureate (IB) theatre course is the preparatory course that scaffolds experiences and understanding in order to develop key skills in practical performance, theatre making processes, performance and text analysis, the ability to work effectively in an ensemble and contribute to the culture of theatre at Queensland Academies Creative Industries.

Throughout the course, the dimensions of theatre in context, theatre process and presenting theatre are established. Formative tasks, which practice skills essential to summative tasks in the Higher Level Diploma Program, are undertaken leading to production based outcomes.

The IB theatre course enables learners to:

  • experience and participate in a wide and varied range of theatre activities and develop proficiency in theatre techniques

  • become familiar with forms of theatre from their own and different cultures

  • explore different theatre traditions in their historical contexts

  • develop academic skills appropriate for the study and understanding of theatre
  • become reflective and critical practitioners in theatre

  • develop the confidence to explore, to experiment and to work individually and collaboratively on innovative projects

  • understand the dynamic, holistic and evolving nature of theatre.

By the end of their 3 year journey students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a theoretical and practical knowledge of theatrical traditions.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of production elements and theatre practices.

  • Evaluate critically a range of diverse performances.

  • Engage practically in creating and presenting performances.
  • Reflect on their own development in theatre through continual self-evaluation and recording.
  • Demonstrate an ability to interpret play texts and other types of performance texts.
  • Demonstrate initiative and perseverance in both individual and group projects.


 Butoh Performance Yugen 2015 Theatre Ensemble