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Design Technology


​​The design technology course at Queensland Academies Creative Industries (QACI) consists of a Pre International Baccalaureate (IB) preparation and introduction into design.

Design technology focuses on analysis, design development, synthesis and evaluation. The creative tension between theory and practice is what characterises design technology within the IB Diploma Programme.

Inquiry and problem solving are at the heart of the subject and students will study the use of the IB Diploma Programme design cycle as a tool, which provides the methodology used to structure the inquiry and analysis of problems, the development of feasible solutions, and the testing and evaluation of the solution. In the IB Diploma Programme design technology, a solution can be defined as a model, prototype, product or system that students have developed independently.

Design technology achieves a high level of design literacy by enabling students to develop critical-thinking and design skills, which they can apply in a practical context. While designing may take various forms, it will involve the selective application of knowledge within an ethical framework.

The IB Diploma Programme Design echnology course enables learners to experience a progressive learning environment of practical design investigation and innovation to:

  • familiarise with the theoretical principles underpinning design technology
  • study examples of design from diverse socio-cultural and historical contexts
  • study the use of a variety of materials and technologies combining towards achieving design solutions
  • identify and investigate disciplines of interest in design
  • develop research, analytical and critical skills that are frequently accessed within the design process
  • develop proficiencies in the use of appropriate technologies throughout the design process.