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Dance is a unique medium for learning about self and the world. It is one essential component of artistic, aesthetic and cultural education, and develops creative potential through physical expression. In dance, the integration of body, mind and spirit helps participants learn skills that are transferable to other disciplines and to their daily lives.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) dance course is designed to offer students the opportunity to build on prior experience in dance while encouraging a broad approach to performance, composition and analysis. Supporting the principles of the IB mission statement, which aims to foster student appreciation of diverse world cultures and traditions, the course develops knowledge and awareness of the body through the mastery of various dance techniques, genres, styles, traditions and cultures familiar and unfamiliar.

IB dance provides an appropriate foundation for further study in dance history, theory and practice at university level, or in dance career pathways. It also provides an enriching and valuable course of study for students who may pursue other careers. This course also provides all students with the opportunity to engage in the world of dance as lifelong participants.

The IB dance curriculum aims for a holistic approach to dance, and embraces a variety of dance traditions and dance cultures – past, present and looking towards the future.

Performance, creative and analytical skills are mutually developed and valued whether the students are writing papers or creating and performing dances. The curriculum provides students with liberal arts orientation to dance. This orientation facilitates the development of students who may become choreographers, dance scholars, performers or those, more broadly, who seek life enrichment through dance.

The IB dance course embraces the understanding that dance is a global discourse. The course is constructed so that all students are given opportunities to study a variety of world dance traditions through exposure to physical practice and observation as well as written investigation. Examining dance from both familiar and unfamiliar cultures and/or traditions develops comparative-thinking skills and deepens students’ understanding of their own culture(s) as well as those of others.

The curriculum is designed to challenge students. It draws on a wide range of dance cultures that reflect varied histories, practices and aesthetics. Nonetheless, doing so establishes the important idea or belief that there are common parameters in dance across different cultural contexts. Whether performed for their communities, with their communities or for their personal pleasure, dances have – and serve – a conscious intention, and involve space, time and energy. The IB Diploma Programme dance course recognises that standards of excellence can be applied cross-culturally.

Students will work with industry professionals to develop as creative makers of dance. Students will be extended beyond the classroom experience by collaborating with guest artists and by attending performances of work from Australian and international companies.

Promenade Dance Studio, in partnership with Queensland Academies Creative Industries, offers talented and motivated students a tailored dance program delivered in modern state of the art facilities.

Together with other like-minded and aspiring young dancers, students will accelerate and refine their dance training, learn choreographic skills, develop their own unique style and movement vocabulary, and create new and innovative work.

Our unique program offers a solid, technical foundation coupled with collaborative skills that will better prepare students for the transition into full-time dance training. An outstanding cohort of highly experienced teachers will nurture and support the technical and artistic progression of each student, challenging and inspiring them to achieve to their highest potential.


Merge Dance Theatre is the ideal company for aspiring young dancers who are looking for challenging, explorative, and technical work that will give them the knowledge and understanding of what is involved in the contemporary dance industry.

The vision for Merge is to enhance and develop the individual and artistic creativity in each dancer, challenging them to explore and create contemporary dance works while collaborating with some of Australia’s leading contemporary artists.

Merge aims to extend and engage young artists to be independent, creative and confident in contemporary dance with the goal of developing their performance and choreographic skills to that of a professional standard.

Classes at Merge provide students with a holistic approach in contemporary technique, choreographic skills, improvisation, collaboration work, partner work, and drama skills.

Merge provides the bridge between dance schools, tertiary institutions and professional companies.