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Strengthening Skills in the Art of Film


Year 11 Film students were treated to three days of film immersion surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Natural Bridge, near the New South Wales Border.

Wenonah van Damme, Year 11 film student provides her reflection of her time away.

The event the Year 11 film cohort really looks forward to finally arrived in week six of this term - Film Camp! This camp allowed all Year 11 film students the opportunity to immerse themselves in film for a full 3 days, while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Natural Bridge near the New South Wales border.

During the three days, we were able to strengthen our skills in all elements of the film curriculum. We had workshops on professional lighting, and improved our skills in working with cameras, microphones and lenses. During the evenings, we got cosy with our sleeping bags and a good dose of hot chocolate. We were exposed to some unconventional film genres in Thai and Spanish cinema, which was complete with a late night showing of The Shining.

To use our new skill set we made two short films over the course of the three days. We were given a variety of stimulus material, such as the idiom, ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’. Through applying lot of laughter and some frantic editing, the cohort produced a great variety of films. There was no shortage of nature shots included as we all wanted to take full advantage of the scenic area.

Every morning we woke up to the picturesque scenery of the Natural Bridge area. Exploring what nature had to offer was definitely one of my camp's highlights. This included a late night walk to the glow worm caves at Springbrook National Park, and taking photos at the New South Wales border.

Overall the cohort made the most of our break from the usual routine to immerse ourselves in Film. The camp was a great way to improve our film techniques and expand our knowledge. We look forward to using our new technique in our upcoming​ experimental film projects, scheduled to be screened Tuesday 31 July. Save the date!


...article written by Wenonah van Damme, Year 11