QACI Quirks Aquafest Swimming Carnival


As many of us know, last week marked QACI’s iconic Aquafest (or Quaquafest as Tate lovingly christened it) for the year, a time when all of QACI’s students put on their house colours, and go out to get some much needed vitamin D as we’re shipped via bus to The Valley swimming pool complex. 

Of course, none can forget how this event was originally shrouded with uncertainty. This was due us being in troubled waters last term when the event had to be cancelled due to weather. Apparently, this was the first Aquafest to have been cancelled due to external forces. Like many, I myself was flabbergasted, hands over face in a shocked expression as I wailed to the heavens ‘Water we going to do????

It turns out I had nothing to fear, as we were a-shored that Aquafest would be postponed to a later date, and that date was last week! The spirit of QACI persevered as we were greeted with perfect weather - a cloudless sky that made for agreeable swimming conditions.

Although the reactions to Aquafest varied from excited to lukewarm - as there are those amongst us who notoriously feel like fish out of water when it comes to this environment - much credit is to be given to the students who participated in the swimming races, the salmon race, student/teacher relay, the whale race, and of course the unforgettable synchronised swimming. There was a chance for everyone to cheer on for their houses, be entertained by the eclectic dance entries by each of the houses, and nod in agreement with Tate and Mr Carroza’s hard-hitting sports commentary.

When it came to the final results concerning house points, despite the high level of spirit equally emanating from all houses at the beginning of the event, Evèiller really changed the tide as they took the competition by storm from winning both the synchronised swimming and participation awards. Way to go, Evèiller!

To surmise, one of the reasons I appreciate Aquafest is because it’s a day where we can momentarily set aside our IB-related worries to enjoy a sunny day dressed up in bright colour with your peers, and reminds us of the value of taking time for ourselves to just relax and have fun. Just remember: You don’t need a pool to make a splash in your own life.

Pun Rating: 8/5

Been waiting to write this article all year. So many pun opportunities.​

...article written by Anna Madrigal, Year 12

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Last reviewed 01 May 2018
Last updated 01 May 2018